This Is the #1 Cheat-Day Food in America (and It's Not What We Expected)

Nutritionists are on the fence about the concept of "cheat days." While some think "cheating" is a natural part of a healthy diet, others question it. As certified nutrition coach Candice Seti says, "The idea of 'cheating' on your diet … makes your eating habits seem like a restricted, temporary diet rather than an optimal healthy way of eating. Feel free to indulge in a treat now and then—it will help keep you from feeling deprived—but don't have a regularly scheduled day to 'cheat.'"

This makes perfect sense—but the phrase "cheat day" has a certain ring to it that dieters just can't quit. Take it from a new survey by Defend Your Health, which analyzed over 500,000 Instagram posts tagged #CheatDay and #CheatMeal to find out more about how Americans are cheating on their diets. After crunching the numbers, they discovered some pretty fascinating (mouthwatering) info about which states cheat the most—and what dieters are cheating with. Keep scrolling to read about it.

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