How to Look Like You Use Pricey Makeup (When You Only Shop at the Drugstore)

There’s nothing like a stroll through the drugstore makeup aisle to clear your head, brighten your spirits, and—in most cases, despite the savings—empty your wallet. It’s the place you get the most (beauty) bang for your buck, and we feel way less guilty spending $20 on three products rather than just one. Except, well, when those products just don’t work as well as their more luxurious counterparts—not always the case (we stockpile enough Nyx Matte Lipsticks, $6, to counter that claim) but a fact of life nonetheless. Luckily, a few simple hacks can make your drugstore products work better than ever before. With the help of celebrity makeup artist Rosie Johnston, we’re about to share five life-changing drugstore makeup hacks to give your Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation ($62) a run for its money. Keep scrolling to see the hacks!