$1 Beauty Tools You Didn't Know You Needed

To say that our daily makeup and skincare routines can get expensive is putting it lightly. With every new launch, it seems like price points only have one trajectory: up. I never thought I would be pining after a lipstick that’s worth $55, or dreaming of makeup brushes that cost significantly more than my dinner. But, here I am, stuck wanting products that are out of my budget and wishing I could turn back time to when I was content with picking up my essentials on the cheap.

That is, I was. Being a determined bargain-hunter, I did some research and discovered that there’s actually a surprisingly large market of great, inexpensive beauty buys out there just waiting to be discovered, and many of them even have cult followings. To make things easy for those of us who don’t have bottomless bank accounts, here’s a list of some of our favorite products under—wait for it—just one dollar. Yes, a singular dollar, and we’re pleased to report that all of them boast rave reviews and dependable quality. Go ahead, treat yourself—after all, it’ll cost you (way) less than your morning cold brew. Keep scrolling to find out the best beauty must-haves, all under $1.

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