It's True: You Can Buy Hydrating Hair Masks With Your Loose Change

Best Drugstore Hair Masks for Dry Hair

As much as we love beauty products, sometimes there's just other things we'd rather spend our cash on—like new season sandals, or our favourite luxury foundation. Hair treatments, as important as they are, just aren't one of those must-buy items. That being said, with winter in full swing, we still want to keep our hair bouncy and hydrated, so we hit up the drugstore in search for the best hair masks for dry strands that won't cost a fortune. Actually, four out of six products we found cost $8 or less, so you can basically skip your morning coffee and pick up one of these instead. 

Keep scrolling for amazing (and affordable) drugstore hair masks that will quench even the thirstiest summer strands. 

Marc Anthony Deep Repair Aloe Vera Jasmine Conditioning Treatment $7

This sachet contains enough goodness to give your hair two intensive treatments. It's packed with sea kelp and aloe juice to hydrate, and detangle frizzy hair. It's also sulfate-free, meaning it won't strip your colour. 

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Mask $15

This tropical-smelling potion doesn't contain much more than coconut oil and beeswax, making it a super-hydrator for sun-damaged, crunchy hair. Worth it just for the scent alone. 

Hi Pro Pac Henna, Placenta and Vitamin E Intense Protein Treatment $6

While the name and packaging might not jump out at you, this mask is actually the business. The henna and placenta will strengthen and add shine, and because it's a protein treatment, feel free to follow with your regular conditioner if your hair feels a little brittle once you've rinsed.

L'Oréal Paris Botanicals Safflower Rich Infusion Masque $18 $13

This creamy mask is enriched with safflower and coconut oil that will soften even the saltiest summer hair. The botanical formula is also free from silicones and parabens, so is perfect for anyone looking for a more natural option. 

Hask Greek Yogurt Blueberry & Acai Repairing Deep Conditioner $6

We know Greek yoghurt is full of protein that keeps us feeling fuller for longer, but it also works a treat when it comes to hair. Give the sachet a squeeze to combine the blueberry and acai ingredients for a hydrating, strengthening treatment. 

Dove Nutritious Solutions Intensive Repair Treatment Mask $8

Dove is a mainstay when it comes to drugstore haircare. This creamy mask is enriched with keratin to repair damaged strands, and you can swap out your regular conditioner for this once or twice a week. 

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