2 Byrdie Editors Tried Charlotte Tilbury's New Tinted Lip Stains—And We Have Thoughts

They double as a cheek stain.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

We love a product that multi-tasks as much as we do. The latest double-duty product on our radar is Charlotte Tilbury’s Tinted Love ($34). It's a lip and cheek tint in five rosy shades inspired by flowers and Charlotte’s archive of beauty looks from the '90s. Promising effortless, easy looks on-the-go and a '90s supermodel vibe, obviously we had to try these out. 

The tint offers a wash of lightweight and buildable color that Charlotte herself described, “make your lips look like their most natural pretty and sumptuous—and make your cheeks look instantly alive with the look of love!” Along with a wash of color, expect a boost of hydration and moisture from the hyaluronic acid and vitamin E in the formula. Since this is a stain you can also expect transfer-proof wear, so feel free to layer this on under your mask.

Charlotte Tilbury, Tinted Love
Charlotte Tilbury Tinted Love in Love Chain $34

We took the stain in the shade Bohemian Kiss for a spin, on our lips and cheeks, to see how it holds up. Below, see our thoughts on the latest from Charlotte Tilbury.


Jaz Ortiz, News Editor

Jaz Ortiz, Tinted Love
 Jaz Ortiz

"I tried Charlotte Tilbury Tinted Love in Bohemian Kiss. I appreciate a monochromatic blush and lip look so was happy I could get that with the swipe of one product. A dab or two on my cheeks blended effortlessly into my foundation with a brush. I wanted to go lighter on the blush since I already had some color going on elsewhere.

For my lips, I swiped evenly on my upper and lower lip, let dry, and then swiped again to get the desired richness I wanted from the tint. One layer was fine but doubling up really brought out the color. I've never really been a fan of tints because the ones I've tried previously didn't last—that was not the case with Tinted Love. After a night if dinner and drinks my lip (and cheeks) were unbothered. I kind of want to try this on my eyes too next for a completely monochromatic look next time."

Charlotte Tilbury, Tinted Love
Charlotte Tibury Tinted Love in Bohemian Kiss $34

Chinea Rodriguez, News Writer

Chinea Rodriguez, Tinted Love
Chinea Rodriguez

"I’m really into monochrome looks so I’m always willing to give a lip/cheek tint a try. I do sometimes find them too drying on the lips but I liked the formula of these tints. They are a little bit thicker and have a bit of a balmy/glossy feel that sat more comfortably on the lips. Using Bohemian Kiss, a warm berry shade, I tapped it lightly onto my cheeks and lips, building up the color little by little and swiping a few layers on the lips where I need a bit more coverage.

It gave me popsicle tinted lips without the extra steps of blending it out and the color stayed put. The formula played well with the rest of my makeup and blended in easily on my cheeks without moving my concealer and still looked really natural, and balmy without looking oily. I even skipped the highlighter but I still had a little bit of a natural glow."

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