This TikTok-Loved Liner Will Make Your Eyes Pop Like No Other

It's highlighter, but for your eyes.

Selfie of woman with glowing skin and pink lips

@ctilburymakeup/Design by Cristina Cianci

If there’s one makeup product that has the ability to instantly take a look to the next level, it’s highlighter. Yes, mascara and lip gloss are important for pulling everything together, but the accentuating and glow-inducing powers of a good highlighter are, in my opinion, unmatched. 

So when I recently came across a viral TikTok review of a product that acts like a highlighter for your eyes, I was immediately mesmerized. The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo ($30) is quickly on its way to becoming the next sold-out TikTok find, thanks to its ability to literally makes your eyes twinkle and sparkle like an Instagram filter. Keep scrolling to learn more about the product, and read our honest review.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo

Best for: All skin types, eyes

Uses: Define and highlight the eyes

Byrdie Clean?: Yes 

Price: $30  

About the brand: Inspiring artists and beauty lovers all over the world, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty has become a legendary brand with its high-performing formulas and luxurious packaging. 

The Product

This is not the first Charlotte Tilbury product to gain recognition on TikTok. The Hollywood Flawless Filter ($44) also boasts a loyal following on the app, thanks to the hundreds of glowing reviews that exist for the skincare-makeup hybrid.

The brand’s TikTok success likely comes from its eponymous founder, a celebrity makeup artist who perfected the art of camera-ready makeup while prepping clients like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell for red carpets, runways, and magazine covers. When Charlotte Tilbury launched her own line in 2013, her products developed an immediate reputation for being easy-to-use, long-lasting, and highly photogenic. Basically, the brand was destined for TikTok greatness. 

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Products


It’s only a matter of time before the Hollywood Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo joins the Flawless Filter in the TikTok hall of greats. The product has two ends: a matte black liner to define the eyes, and a champagne-nude liner to accentuate them. While the black liner is creamy and pigmented enough to stand on its own, it’s the champagne shade that really makes the product worthy of a million likes. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo $30.00

The highlighter-like formula makes eyes appear instantly bigger and brighter, like you’ve slept for a full eight hours even when you’re running on fumes. Plus, the shimmer gives off a twinkling effect that rivals the permanent sparkle of your childhood Bratz doll's eyes.

The Hype

The TikTok responsible for the product’s newfound fame was shared by beauty influencer Gisele Ayora. Her review of the liner duo has racked up 1.5 million views (and counting) since it was posted late last month. 

In her TikTok, Ayora applies the champagne liner to just one of her bottom lids to show the contrast—and the difference between the lined and unlined eyes is immediately obvious. “It makes my eyes look so big and pretty,” she says. “I’m obsessed.” Unsurprisingly, the comment section is filled with users who were similarly impressed.

How to Use It

After you’re set with eye shadow, apply the black liner along your top lash to create your desired shape (Tilbury suggests pulling the outer corners upwards and outwards for a more lifted look). Once you're happy with your wing, take the champagne shade and apply it to your waterline and bottom lash line to open the eye up and add brightness. As seen in Ayora’s review, this step creates enough impact to stop there, but you can also pop a little in the inner corners of your eyes to accentuate them even more.

The Review

As soon as I saw Ayora’s TikTok, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the liner and try it out myself. Coincidentally, it arrived on my doorstep one morning after a particularly sleepless night. Even though the idea of applying a cat eye before nine a.m. slightly terrified me, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to test out the product’s brightening effects. 

Before and after selfies

Karli Bendlin/Design by Cristina Cianci

Honestly, the before-and-after photo doesn’t even do the liner justice. With just a few swipes of the champagne-nude shade, my eyes looked instantly bigger and more awake—and they really did appear to twinkle! The black liner also glides on like a dream. I barely had to apply any pressure when I used it to tightline my top lids, which my highly sensitive eyes appreciated. As a certified Charlotte Tilbury stan, I have high hopes for all of her products, but this one really is worth the hype.

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