Charlotte Tilbury's New Concealer Is Like Shapewear for Your Skin

Meet the Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Concealer on a background

Charlotte Tilbury

As someone who has always struggled with dark circles and redness from my rosacea, my quest to find the perfect concealer has been never ending. You see, all the concealers that I've tested in the past seemed to have a few fatal flaws. They either cake in my creases, don't provide enough coverage, or simply never stay in place throughout the day. And honestly, I had almost given up hope, until I tried Charlotte Tilbury's new concealer: the Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer ($32).

The brand is a favorite of mine (along with a host of celebrities and makeup artists) since it creates incredible, efficacious makeup and skincare products. Each product is carefully crafted with top-notch ingredients, and made in gorgeous versatile hues (like the brands signature Pillow Talk shade). I try all of its latest launches as soon as I get my hands on them, and somehow always find myself impressed, which is why I was stoked to realize that its newest concealer was somehow even better than the fantastic original, the Magic Away Concealer.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the newest launch, including my honest review.

The Product

Charlotte Tilbury dubbed this concealer "shapewear for the eyes and face"—and it totally makes sense. Just like your favorite peice of shapewear under your go-to dress, this product helps hide anything that makes you a little insecure and gives you an instant confidence boost. It conceals blemishes, covers redness, hides dark circles, contours, lifts, and brightens any areas that have any hyperpigmentation. The concealer provides medium, buildable coverage, blends super easily, and lasts for up to 16 hours without the need to reapply or touch up. Plus, it won't cake or set into lines either, which is the biggest problem most of us face with concealers.

Tilbury has been testing and working on this concealer for years. She's even used it on her celebrity clients, family, and friends to ensure the product was exactly what she wanted it to be before its launch. "Everyone just keeps saying wow, wow, wow," explains Tilbury in a statement. "Their skin looks so smooth and lifted, and they feel transformed."

The Formula

Intended to be a hybrid of concealer and eye cream, Tilbury's formula uses a slew of good-for-you ingredients to provide your skin with benefits like smoothing, hydrating, and plumping. Some of its hero ingredients include niacinamide, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, which are known to brighten, even skin tone, and add some much-needed hydration to the delicate skin around your eyes. With usage, the formula will also provide you with some long term skincare benefits like protection against free radicals, so you can feel good about dotting this concealer all over your face every morning.

How To Use It

The Beautiful Skin concealer can be used to conceal, brighten, and contour. To add a bit of extra coverage, apply like you would any other concealer. Simply dab it onto any areas that you want to conceal and blend into your skin with your fingertips or favorite concealer brush.

If you're looking to brighten any shadows, the brand advises going with one shade lighter than you typically would. You can apply it along the inner corner of your eyes to brighten or glide it under the eye and upwards toward the lash line for an instant lifted effect.

On the other hand, you can use the concealer to contour, too. The brand recommends using it to contour under the cheekbones, down the sides of your face, under the tip of the nose, and along the temples and jawline for that super sculpted look. Keep in mind that you'll want to go a few shades darker if you're looking to contour.

The Review

woman wearing charlotte tilbury concealer

Rachel Dube

Truth be told: I had high expectations for this Charlotte Tilbury concealer. So, I *really* put it to the test to ensure it lived up to its claims. Not only did it expertly hide my dark circles, rosacea, and redness, but it also brightened and hydrated wherever I applied it to. It made a huge noticeable difference every time I applied it, and lasted through both cold and sweltering hot weather conditions all day long. Honestly, don't sleep on this concealer—you need it.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer
Charotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer $33.00

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