Charlotte Tilbury's New Concealer Is Actually Magic—Here's Photo Evidence

Fact: I am a devout worshipper at the makeup altar of Charlotte Tilbury. All her products—from her Matte Revolution Lipsticks to her hard-to-explain-yet-completely-necessary Hollywood Beauty Filter—are just so good. And by good, I mean they’re easy to use, have amazing textures, and generally help me look more like I am a respectable adult who has her shit together. But even so, I was a little less excited than I’d normally be when I found out her newest launch was none other than a concealer. I test and hoard every tinted moisturizer and foundation known to mankind but regard concealer as something I reach for occasionally when I’m breaking out or when I accidentally stayed up all night rewatching the entire first season of Laguna Beach. Of course, now that I’m getting older and notice bags, lines, and dark spots creeping up that never existed before (ugh), I find myself relying on concealer to cover my sins more and more—but still. It's boring.

Then, I tried Charlotte Tilbury’s new Magic Away Liquid Concealer ($32) and everything changed. Namely, all my pores disappeared. I also stopped wearing foundation. And now I think I’m obsessed with concealer. This new liquid concealer comes in a sleek wand and features a sponge-tipped applicator with a pointed tip that makes it super easy to swipe in the crevices of your face. The very special thing about this particular concealer, however, is the formula. It’s just the right amount of matte and creamy where it won’t appear chalky or cakey even if you apply multiple layers. It’s made with something fancy called Persian silk tree bark extract, which has a gummy texture that gives this concealer the crazy stretch ability it has. I've always thought the idea of a concealer "stretching" was weird and more marketing talk than anything. What is my concealer, an '80s Jazzercise model? Why would I need my concealer to stretch on my face?