This Innovative Dry Mask Gives You Glowing Skin in 15 Minutes

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury (pictured above) doesn’t do things by halves. The woman who paints the faces of the world’s most famous stars (Kate Moss, Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian West—we could go on) has launched a sheet mask today to add to her impressive lineup of existing skincare products, including her iconic Magic Cream.

“Let’s be honest,” Tilbury tells us, “I wanted Death Becomes Her,” she laughs. And there is definitely something a little Death Becomes Her or perhaps if we’re calling a spade a spade, Silence of the Lambs about this mask when you’re wearing it.

Oh, and this isn’t just another sheet mask. It’s dry—completely dry—to the touch. Not an entirely new concept, we’ll admit (the first launched in the UK last year), but Tilbury’s dry mask contains an exclusive combination of ingredients. It’s the warmth of your skin that turns these ingredients from dry and solid to a liquid so it’s able to penetrate the epidermis via a fancy-sounding “bio-mimetic vector delivery system.” All you need to know is that after 15 minutes of wearing this mask, your skin will be left feeling like it’s been smothered in a rich serum—bizarre, we know—and it will look 10 years younger.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask $22

So what’s inside? Well, this is the first sheet mask to utilize crocus bulb extract, an ingredient that acts as a messenger instructing your older, more sluggish cells to work as efficiently as young cells. It jolts the skin into working optimally. It also contains plant stem cells, peptides and vitamin B3 (also known as niacinamide) to improve the skin’s barrier function, boost elasticity and prompt collagen renewal, alongside Tilbury’s magic oils and butters. Being dry, the mask doesn’t stick to the skin like the wet ones we are used to; instead, it has two loops that hook over each ear, which means you can wear this in the bath or, more practically, to do your chores or catch up on emails, “because we’re all busy,” notes Tilbury. In fact, the makeup artist admitted to slipping hers on when she’s in a taxi between appointments, much to the surprise of the driver. It can be worn over makeup, but you’ll get the best results if it’s used on cleansed skin. Use upward motions to massage the mask into place, and leave for 15 minutes. What’s so wonderful about this mask is that it actually fits properly and cups right under the jawline (an often overlooked part of the face).

As we age, intercellular gaps start to appear in the skin which leads to wrinkles and sagging; the ingredients of the dry mask drive deep between the cells to fill and plump out these gaps where needed. So if your skin is plump and soft on the cheeks but dehydrated around the eyes and lips, this is where the ingredients will get to work first. Afterward, your skin will glow like you’ve had one of the best facials, but without actually having to take the time out or pay the huge price tag. You see, this mask is $22, and you can use it three times (since it’s dry, you don’t need to worry about bacteria)—you just slip it back into its resealable foil pouch for next time. You’ll know when you’ve used it up because you won’t be left with the distinctive plump feel after wearing it. It’s designed to suit all skin tones, but I would say this is perfect for dry or dehydrated skin. I left this on for longer than the 15 minutes (well, we had to take selfies, pictured above), and I did get a spot on my chin the next day, so heed the instructions and wear this for the allotted time. I’ve used it again since, followed the instructions and was left with glowing skin that, crucially, remained spot-free. I’m hooked.

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