You Can't Miss This 24-Hour Presale for Charlotte Tilbury's New Palette

ICYMI: Charlotte Tilbury announced a new limited-edition product over a week ago on Instagram. She captioned the post, "Darlings, something BIG is coming soon! My most revolutionary product EVER … for a limited time only!" Of course, this piqued our interest (that might be the understatement of the year), but details had been kept under wraps—until now. Thanks to yet another Instagram post, we know that it's an eye shadow product called the Instant Eyes Palette, featuring 12 distinct nude tones.

The brand isn't making us wait long before we can get our hands on it, either. For 24 hours only, the palette will be available to purchase during a presale. If you miss that, though, you'll have to wait until mid-October to try again. In other words, don't wait or you'll miss out. You'll understand why once you see this palette.

As seen from the Instagram teaser, the palette is split up into four different looks: Day Eye, Desk Eye, Date Eye, and Disco Eye. In this way, it really is an instant eye palette. You don't have to think about shade combinations or going too dark or too light. It's all prepared for you, in foolproof color combinations. Although, you still have free rein to mix it up if you so desire. The shades complement one another perfectly from the palest beige to the dark chocolate brown. The fact that the 12 shades range from pure matte to gleaming shimmer doesn't hurt either. (After all, we like a little variety in our makeup palettes.) "When creating this palette," Tilbury said in a press release, "I considered the working girl. I wanted to pour my easy smoky eye legacy into an instant but classic palette. Each eye look is colour-curated and control-pressed to help you achieve timeless perfection, all the time.”

If you're dying to have this like we are, then know that the flash sale will take place on the brand's website from 9:30am EST on September 21 to 10 a.m. ET the very next day. That window of time is strict, too, so set yourself a reminder. As soon as 10 a.m. hits on September 22, the palette will disappear until October 12 (which, in our opinion, is much too long to wait). If you're interested in it but would like to see it IRL before purchasing, head to YouTube, where Charlotte Tilbury herself will be revealing the palette live and sharing some in-depth details.

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