Charlotte Tilbury's New Priming Product Works as a "Shadow Eraser" for Your Skin

Charlotte Tilbury, celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire and head of her eponymous beauty brand, is all about intensely glowing skin. Whether it's her Supermodel Body Slimmer Shimmer Shape, Hydrate, and Glow($65) or her Hollywood Beauty Light Wand ($38), so many of her products are designed to bring light and radiance back to our skin, so that we can fulfill our lifelong dreams of resembling a 1940s Hollywood film star. (That's not just us, is it?)

Her newest product launches at the end of this month, and it's yet another glow-inducing formula. It rests somewhere between skincare and makeup, acting as a primer, color-corrector, highlighter, and anti-ager all in one. Basically, it's a product that's hard to define but easy to get excited about. 

Charlotte Tilbury

The priming treatment promises to color-correct and erase dark shadows with something called the "Anti-Shadow Eraser Filter" that contains silver light-reflecting pigments. You can wear it under foundation for a perfected makeup base, or alone to impart some radiance to your bare skin. 

"During a recent research trip where me and my team visited Asia, I noticed that more than ever dull, pigmented, uneven skin is the number one skin complaint," Tilbury said in a press release. "The most universal magic skin wishes women have with their skin, across age groups, are improved radiance and skin tone. I have made it my mission to make something magic to solve that. One application instantly blurs, evens imperfections and corrects redness. After 4 weeks skin tone is lifted and brighter! It gives you a gorgeous glow of clarity every day!"

It's not purely a makeup product, though. After four weeks of use, the brand promises real anti-aging effects, thanks to ingredients like chlorella (a green algae), watercress extract, and vitamin B3. It's also formulated with olive, camelia, and rosehip oils (so hopefully it's super hydrating as well).

It sounds amazing, so we're obviously excited to see it IRL. If you are too, you'll have to wait until December 28, which is when it launches on the brand's website. As far as the price point goes, it's similar to other Charlotte Tilbury products. Expect it to retail for $55 per bottle.

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