I Was a Lip Gloss Cynic—Until This One Product Changed Everything


Hallie Gould

Lip gloss always reminded me of middle school—and not in the happy, nostalgic way. More so in the What was I thinking? and Thank goodness I'm no longer 13 kind of way. It'd transport me back to those beige-colored hallways and applying gloss after eating a brown-bag lunch in the cafeteria. It smelled of sugar and Coca-Cola, felt sticky, and always seemed to end up on my fingers and in my hair. Those years, let's just say, were not the best.

I spent the majority of my young adult life wearing matte offerings, the kind that felt classic and velvety. I steered clear of anything glinty, shiny, or sparkly. But, as I know now, the dry, flaky, crankiness of an hours-old matte lipstick lends to its problematic nature (and less-than-long-time wear). So I had to re-evaluate my no-gloss policy—apprehensively.

For the last year or so, I've taken on an entirely new collection of lip-enhancing favorites: balms. They're hydrating, plumping, and natural-looking but still add some extra oomph to a makeup look. Plus, you can reapply them sans mirror and never end up with marks and messes all over your cocktail glass (or burrito). Though, I must admit, the allure of a vinyl, lacquered gloss started to intrigue me.

I still fell somewhere in limbo for a while, that is until Charlotte Tilbury's new lip confection came across my desk. It's dubbed a "Collagen Lip Bath," and there's certainly no moniker for gloss more beguiling than that. Below, find out how one lip gloss changed my entire view on the category completely, why it's especially cool, and a few more products I've jumped on board with since this eye-opening revelation. I'm a gloss girl now—get into it.