Charlotte Tilbury Developed Her New Foundation by Testing It on Celebrities

And the results are in.

Kate Moss in Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

When it comes to creating incredible makeup products, Charlotte Tilbury has got it covered. The brand is a personal favorite of mine (not to mention a host of celebs and artists) and has launched countless cult favorites. Each product is made with intention and in the brand's signature gorgeous, warm hues, which is why all of us (myself included) can't get enough. Every time the brand introduces a new launch, I find myself wondering if it will be as good as the last. Spoiler alert: It always is.

Truth be told, I use at least one product from Charlotte Tilbury in my makeup routine on a daily basis and don't think I could live without them. Slathering the brand's Gloss ($35) on my lips, blending some Pillow Talk Blush ($40) onto my cheeks, and swiping my eyes with one of her signature eyeshadow quads are beauty rituals for me at this point. So it only makes sense why I was stoked to find out that the brand was finally launching the product I've been dreaming of: the Beautiful Skin Foundation ($44).

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the newest launch including my honest review.

Jourdan Dunn

Charlotte Tilbury

The Product

When Jourdan Dunn, Phoebe Dynevor, and Kate Moss are the celebrity faces behind a foundation launch, you know it'll be a good one. And, this one certainly exceeded expectations, beginning with its development. Tilbury herself was not only involved in every step of the product's creation but was also using it on her celebrity clients for a while during the testing phase to make sure it was absolutely perfect.

"As a makeup artist to the stars, I have been using this incredible, innovative skin-improving foundation formula in secret all year—from film premieres to The Fashion Awards—on some of the world's most famous supermodels and actresses, who have fallen in love with its natural, glowing finish," says Tilbury.

It's available in 30 different shades ranging from fair to deep, along with undertones in cool, neutral, and warm to make it as simple as can be to find your perfect match. The foundation is meant to be full coverage without feeling as if it's full coverage, which is why it's so distinctive from other products out there. Also nice: It's both cruelty-free and made with all vegan ingredients.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation
Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation $44.00

The Formula

Aside from concealing blemishes, redness, and other skin conditions with its full-coverage formula, the foundation is also made with a slew of good-for-you ingredients like their rose complex, hyaluronic acid, and coconut extract to give you some added skincare benefits. The hyaluronic acid floods the skin with moisture, whereas the coconut extract strengthens the skin barrier while the rose complex (which is made from rose water and oil) brightens the skin and helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and dullness. The brand claims that in its clinical trials for the product users saw a boost in both radiance and hydration.

My Review

Rachel Dube

Rachel Dube

Hear me out: This is officially my new favorite foundation from Charlotte Tilbury. The formula feels light—almost like a tinted moisturizer—yet provided amazing full coverage. With each application, I watched as it covered my redness, breakouts, and rosacea flare-ups perfectly. I wore it for an entire week straight and couldn't be more in love with it. An added bonus: It left my skin feeling super hydrated at the end of the day without any cakiness or dryness that many other foundations leave me with. Seriously, I can not recommend this enough.

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