6 Cool Beauty Brands That Give Back to Mental Health Causes

Since 1994, May has served as Mental Health Awareness Month, a tradition started in the U.S. over 60 years ago by the Mental Health America organization. Of course, educating ourselves about mental health is important year-round, but this month gives both individuals and different companies across the marketplace a chance to help raise awareness and support for research and destigmatization of conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Many beauty brands have stepped up to the plate and taken Mental Health Awareness Month as an opportunity either to launch new initiatives in support of the cause or to re-promote mental health–supporting projects they're already involved with. If shopping ethically for beauty products is important to you, or if mental health awareness is important to you, these six skincare, fragrance, and wellness companies deserve your attention. Read on to discover six cool charitable beauty brands that give back to mental health charities. 

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