Move Over, Turmeric: Charcoal Lattes Are the Next Big Thing



Pretty much every buzzy health food has been turned into a drink, and while turmeric lattes, known for their anti-inflammatory properties, have been all the rage as of late, there's a new superfood-coffee collaboration to consider: the charcoal latte. (Yes, really.)

Hear us out: Unlike the charcoal found on burnt toast, activated charcoal—the kind used in said lattes—has been recommended by nutritionists for quite some time thanks to its proven ability to relieve certain gastrointestinal issues and alleviate symptoms associated with a hangover.

So just how does activated charcoal work? Jodie Brandman, London-based nutritional therapist, tells The Huffington Post, “These tiny pores [in activated charcoal] attract, bond, and trap positively charged toxins, gases, heavy metals, and chemicals in a process called adsorption (different [from] absorption). The bound toxins can then be carried safely through the body and excreted with minimal damage.” So it pretty much acts a detox minus the three-day juice cleanse.