Chantecaille Calls Their New Serum the "Rolls-Royce of Skincare"—So We Tried It

It’s pricey, but it works.

Chantecaille serum


While there are plenty of luxury beauty brands on the market, there are few that do opulence as well as Chantecaille. From the brand's premium formulas to its signature jewelry box-like packaging, there's nothing minimal about a Chantecaille product, making their makeup and skincare offerings feel like a worthy investment. And the brand's latest launch—the Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate A.M./P.M. ($620)—is no exception.

Dubbed the "Rolls-Royce of skincare" by the company's legendary founder, Sylvie Chantecaille, the new anti-aging treatment is not your average serum. For starters, there's the price—at $620 for a 28-day supply, the product costs more than my entire routine combined. However, unlike a traditional serum, which can take months to deliver noticeable results, the new Gold Recovery treatment is designed to act as a four-week reset for your skin. In less than a month, the highly concentrated formula promises to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boost radiance, improve elasticity, and more. And while I admittedly know little about Rolls-Royces, I can assume that the new skincare treatment has at least one thing in common with the luxury vehicle: there's simply nothing else on the market like it.

To learn more about the launch, we went directly to the source. Keep reading for all the details about the new Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate A.M./P.M. from Sylvie Chantecaille herself, and read our honest review.

Chantecaille Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate A.M./P.M.

Best for: Face

Price: $620

Active Ingredients: Gold heptapeptide, niacinamide, bakuchiol, tranexamic acid, spirulina maxima, green freshwater microalgae, amino acid-copper complex, lotus japonica extract.

Why We Love It: This 28-day treatment addresses fine lines and signs of aging, boosts radiance, supports firmness, and improves elasticity.

About the Brand: Chantecaille is known for luxurious, botanical-forward makeup and skincare products backed by extensive scientific research and technical innovations.

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The Packaging

Like all of the brand’s bestsellers, the new product’s packaging makes it worthy of prime real estate on your top shelf. As a nod to its hero ingredient (more on that later), the formula is housed in tiny gold vials that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. To make sure that none of the highly concentrated formula goes to waste, the Chantecaille team decided to divide up each 28-day supply into eight individual serum bottles—four for A.M., and four for P.M.

“We designed this regimen to last for four weeks, and this packaging provides an easy way to measure out each week,” Sylvie tells us. “It helps you understand you are using the right amount.”

Plus, since each bottle only contains one week’s worth of product, it’s less likely to get diluted through exposure to light and air while sitting on your countertop.

Chantecaille Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate A.M./P.M.
Chantecaille Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate A.M./P.M. $620.00

The Formula

According to Sylvie, the product’s hero ingredient is what makes it quite literally worth its weight in gold. The star of the formula is Gold Heptapeptide, a recently discovered collagen-boosting peptide that’s set to be a game changer when it comes to targeting wrinkles. The innovative ingredient is so effective that it’s the driving force behind the entire product, from its name to its metallic gold packaging.

“The discovery of Gold Heptapeptide was the inspiration behind creating this morning and night intense regimen,” Sylvie tells us, explaining that the peptide is bonded to gold, which helps it penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. “This makes it very effective at targeting wrinkles—more than any other gold ingredient on the market,” she adds.

Chantecaille products


Both of the A.M. and P.M. formulas include the powerful peptide, in addition to a blend of other active ingredients. The A.M. formula includes light-activated enzymes like spirulina maxima, which helps prevent DNA and cellular damage from UV and blue light exposure, in addition to anti-aging powerhouses like bakuchiol and niacinamide.

The P.M. formula focuses on ingredients that work while you sleep, including night repair enzymes like green freshwater microalgae, which has proven to suppress signs of aging caused by UV radiation. The evening serum is also packed with actives that specifically target and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, like amino acid-copper complex and lotus japonica extract.

“The A.M. formula contains ingredients that work most efficiently in daylight. The P.M. ingredients perform best when you, your skin, and your cells sleep," says Marta Cammarno, Chantecaille's VP of Research & Product Development. "When used diligently, they cover all the bases in terms of anti-aging skincare.”

How to Use It

While the two formulations in the 28-day treatment are designed to treat all your anti-aging concerns, Sylvie says the system can be used in conjunction with your current skincare products. In fact, it might even make them work better.

“Think of it as an addition,” she explains. “It will work in synergy but also boost every product you normally use while working hard to address signs of aging, and firm and brighten the skin.”

Sylvie recommends applying both the A.M. and P.M. formulas immediately after cleansing and drying your skin: "When your pores and skin are open, you will receive the full benefits of this formula."

Chantecaille serum


The Review

As much as I love my drugstore skincare favorites, I jumped at the chance to try Chantecaille’s luxe new serum set. The brand had previously won me over with their makeup products (their lipsticks are some of the best on the market, IMO), so I was beyond excited to see if their skincare lived up to the extravagance of their cosmetic products.

First things first, the convenience of this product can’t be beat. As someone who can be very inconsistent with their skincare routine (my lineup can range anywhere from a dozen products to a single moisturizer depending on my mood), I really appreciated the simplicity of the system. During the 28-day treatment, I scaled back my routine to just the A.M. and P.M. formulas (along with moisturizer in the morning) in order to limit any other variables and give the serums a chance to work their magic. After a few days, my skin was softer, bouncier, and calmer than it had been in months, despite the fact that I’d cut out every other serum, toner, and oil in my routine.

Since I’m in my twenties, my primary skincare concerns are still texture, dullness, and clarity, so I can’t necessarily speak to the wrinkle-reducing powers of the product. What I can say, however, is that the radiance of my skin increased tenfold both while I was using the treatment and for weeks after. Plus, my makeup has been sinking into my skin with newfound ease, and I haven’t touched a primer since I started testing the serums.

Yes, the price is high, but I see this product as more of an occasional skincare indulgence rather than a staple. If anything, I can justify the cost by remembering just how much less it costs than an actual Rolls-Royce.

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