So… We Know What Fragrance Channing Tatum Wears

Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum
David M. Benett /Contributor

Whether your obsession with Channing Tatum started circa 2006 when he played bad-boy dancer Tyler in Step Up, when he starred in Magic Mike in 2012 or, like me, when he played undercover cop Jenko in 22 Jump Street in 2014, there is a lot to like about Channing Tatum. He can dance, he is funny and he’s devoted to his equally cool and talented actress wife, Jenna.

The pair, who met on the set of Step Up, came to London earlier this year for the Kingsman: The Golden Circle premiere, and they made a stop, as most tourists do on a jaunt to the capital, at shopping mecca Harrods. While they were there, they snapped up some new perfumes, and we know what they bought. Right in time for Christmas, you can buy your S.O. the scent worn by either of the Tatums, or you can treat yourself. And they have good taste; the brand they bought—Floraïku—is a new Byrdie favourite, and each of the fragrances in the lineup can be worn by both men and women. Keep scrolling to discover and shop the scents the Tatums did.

Floraiku perfumes

Floraïku, is a new perfume brand from Clara and John Molloy, the founders of Memo—you know, the cult brand with the incredible bottles that are stocked in Harvey Nichols. Floraïku is inspired by Japanese traditions; each bottle is engraved with a haiku written by Clara, and when you drop by Floraïku in Harrods, you will be treated to a Japanese-inspired tea ceremony while you peruse the 11 scents.

Split into three categories, there are scents inspired by enigmatic flowers, teas and spices, and forbidden incense. Each category has three scents to choose from. On top of that, there are two Shadowing perfumes—one dark and one light—that can be worn alone or, when worn alongside any of the other perfumes, add brightness or depth to the first scent you choose.

So what did the Tatums go for in the end? Jenna snapped up I See the Clouds Go By (£250), part of the enigmatic flowers collection; it blends cassis absolute with cherry blossom and white musk. She also bought Sleeping on the Roof (£250), which is the light shadow scent from the Shadowing duo. Most likely bought to be layered, it can be worn alone, too, and has lily of the valley, orange blossom oil and amber musk.

Channing, on the other hand, chose Between Two Trees (£250), the dark shadow perfume featuring grapefruit oil, mate absolute (a green tea aroma) and vetiver oil, which is a heavy, earthy scent.

Each Floraïku scent comes in a bento-style box with a 50-millilitre perfume, the ornate lid doubles up as a purse spray and you get a 10-millilitre refill to go in it.

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