This Is What It Means When You Start Noticing Changes in Your Hair Texture

Changes in our hair, just as with our skin, as we age can be unnerving. While there are numerous reasons this could be happening that have nothing to do with age (try reevaluating your products and hairbrushes first, and then check with your doctor if you feel something more serious is going on), there are a few things that have everything to do with your body going through the maturation process. Still, there's no reason to worry. There are just as many solutions that can make a huge difference.

I reached out to a few medical professionals and hairstylists who know exactly what to do in situations like these. Below, find their sage advice (and a few product recommendations) to help remedy what you're going through, and remember: You can still have hair as healthy as you always have—you just have to swap a few things from your current routine for ones meant to better handle the various stages of your life. Keep scrolling for the many potential causes of—and several solutions for—the change in your hair texture.