I Took a Bath in Chanel No. 5

And it was absolute heaven.

Bath Tablets


I’ve never been a member of the #seriousbathersclub. If you love your Epsom salts, trust me, I understand the appeal. But, life always seems to get in the way of finding the time that, I imagine, a luxurious soak requires.

Living in an era of conspicuous self-care (dubbed “The Age of Bathfluence” back in 2019), it’s impossible not to scroll past seemingly infinite examples of people who are just better at relaxing than you. For most, candlelit bath setups—each somehow dreamier than the last—evoke an I want what she has reaction. In my mind, however, finding the right scent-to-bubble ratio and arranging flower petals just so seems like a lot of work. After all, aren’t baths supposed to be calming?

Enter Chanel No. 5. Arguably the most recognized scent in history (and one of my personal favorites), the iconic perfume turns 100 this year. In honor of that milestone, the brand has released a collection of bath and body products in their signature fragrance. Housed in a Pop Art-inspired collectible packaging, Chanel Factory 5 updates the brand hero by using the scent in new forms. Inspired by household items, the collection's packaging evokes at-home luxury.

In short, Chanel Factory 5 has everything you need for an opulent soak, making this a bath collection even I'm intrigued by. Read on to learn more about the product that warmed my cold shower heart to adult bathtime.

No 5


The Products

The limited-edition line, which includes bath tablets, shower gel, body cream, and body lotion, is the beauty product equivalent of a plush robe: indulgent, luxurious, and just a little bit extra. And, they both come in crisp white.

The No. 5 Bath Tablets ($75) are the real star of this release. They dissolve in water, leaving a subtle scent on the skin, and can transform any bathroom. 20 individual pods of a No. 5 Shower Gel ($75) are housed in a cool paint can box. And, the new No. 5 Body Oil ($75)—formulated to moisturize and smooth skin and hair—comes with a utilitarian spout for targeted application. The brand has also reinvented their No. 5 Body Cream (which hydrates skin for up to 8 hours, by the way) with an oversize paint tube container.

The Original

The whole line, of course, smells of the floral (and unmistakable) Chanel No. 5 fragrance. With notes of rose, jasmine, and sandalwood, the perfume smells differently on everyone, reacting to each person’s unique body chemistry. There’s a reason the magnetic scent has stood the test of time—Marilyn Monroe famously admitted to going to bed with a few drops of this classic. So, if anything exemplifies the foolproof luxury I’m looking for in a bath experience, it’s Chanel.

My Review

There’s nothing luxurious about my bathtub. The fact that I even have one in New York City is a small miracle. But, the noses at Chanel inspired me to elevate my nighttime routine, so I embraced the ritual. With a few candles and a bit of music (the entirety of Sour by Olivia Rodrigo—I told you, I’m bad at relaxing), the No. 5 tablets transformed my decidedly utilitarian bathroom into a relaxing and fragrant oasis.

Besides the bath tablets, the body lotion was my favorite. The packaging looks like a minimal paint set (love) and has the perfect amount of fragrance. It's incredibly lightweight and sinks in quickly. I applied it to damp skin, and my skin felt hydrated but still clean afterwards.

While I'm not sure this routine will be a daily occurrence, I'm officially a convert. Baths are nice. It takes a bit for me to get comfortable doing absolutely nothing, but I welcome the mandatory screen break (phones near water are a no-go for me). I soaked, I scrubbed, I dried off, I moisturized. And yes, I finally relaxed. 

Chanel Factory 5's collection is available June 29 at Chanel.

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