This Chair Workout Will Give You Super-Toned Legs

Our in-the-know co-founder Hillary Kerr clued us into LEKFet, a dance-based workout started by professional dancer and yoga instructor Lauren E. Kleban. Her heart-thumping classes combine a mix of yoga, ballet, HIIT, and dance cardio—in other words, expect to be dripping in sweat during and after. Kleban recently started sharing free workouts on her YouTube channel, and naturally, we had to see what all the buzz was about. To put it shortly, we’re subscribing. Her first video features a chair workout that sculpts, tones, and tightens your legs. The mother of two (!) makes it easy to follow her moves, and it’s hard not to want to do everything she says when you’re staring at her rock-hard abs. Now excuse us while we get reacquainted with our chairs.

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What do you think of Kleban's leg-toning workout? Sound off below!