The Surprising Superfood Finnish People Swear By

When I tell people I went shrooming in Finland earlier this year, I get a lot of raised eyebrows. But the mushrooms I experienced in Lapland, Finland, weren’t of the psychoactive variety—rather, they’re amazing superfoods, and as I soon discovered, almost everyone in Finland is in on the secret.

In America, however, their health benefits are still relatively under-the-radar, and they’re relegated to existence in one of two fairly divisive food groups. You either love their woodsy, earthy taste or you hate it, and those in the latter camp can easily avoid them in traditional American cuisine without feeling like they’re really missing out on anything.

Plus, there’s the whole toxicity thing that makes them feel a bit forbidden. Considering there are certain kinds of fungi that can literally kill you when consumed, they’re not regarded as the friendliest food—as in, if I were foraging in the wood, I’d be much more likely to pop a handful of juicy berries in my mouth than a scary-looking fungus.

But what if I told you that the benefits of mushrooms are more mind-blowing than you could ever imagine and that there are ways to consume them so that they don’t taste so, well, mushroomy?