Olivia Munn's Hairstylist Says This Do-It-All Spray Is "Everything"

So often, we see the artfully styled tresses of celebrities and marvel at their springy curls, tousled waves, and impossibly high ponytails. We add their looks to our Pinterest boards and show their photos to our hairstylists. But without the artful hands of their stylists, these notable beauty moments wouldn't be possible. Chad Wood is one of these hair artisans, responsible for crafting some of the most captivating styles on clients like Olivia Munn, Shay Mitchell, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Being able to re-create one of Wood's covetable looks, like Hudgens's snatched bubble pony, may not be in our foreseeable future, but reaping the benefits of his favorite products is. We recently sat down with the mega talent and asked him to whittle down his arsenal to his five favorite products. Watch him talk through each in the video below.