This Smart Mirror Will Change the Way You Do Your Makeup

So you’re a beauty lover. You must know all about the newest launches, right? You’re up to date on the best Sephora products, the buzziest celeb endorsements, and the hottest makeup trends for 2017. So you probably also want to know all about the best new products from the annual Consumer Electronics Show. 

CES assembles the newest (and greatest) advancements in technology across all industries—including beauty. The devices unveiled at this year’s show are truly epic. They have the power to change our makeup and skincare routines for good. Seriously. Imagine a patch that deposits special skincare ingredients while reporting back with hydration and redness measurements. Or what about a mirror that scans your face to analyze skin issues? All of a sudden (and to our total amazement), these devices have become a reality. Read on to see four of the most talked-about futuristic beauty devices from this year’s CES!

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