I Tried Ceremonia's New Hair Gel—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Soft hold without the crunch.


Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel

ceremonia hair gel


What We Like
  • Smooth texture that isn't sticky

  • Earthy aroma that is light and refreshing

  • Shiny finish

What We Don't Like
  • Thinner consistency that may require more product usage for thicker hair

  • Medium hold that doesn't provide firm control

Ceremonia's Pequi Styling Gel has a smooth texture with a light scent that blends well with other products. It leaves behind a lasting shine that your curls will love.


Ceremonia Pequi Styling Gel

ceremonia hair gel


I love using a styling gel that helps sculpt and define my curls for days during the winter months. Ceremonia is a popular brand with a buzzy new product that claims to deliver touchable definition without ingredients that strip your hair and the dreaded crunch that comes with most gels. The Pequi Styling Gel uses aloe vera, acai extract, and pequi oil to add shine while helping you achieve defined curls or a slicked style. I was eager to test out the launch from the award-winning brand. Read ahead for my honest thoughts. 

Best for: Any hair texture looking to have a slicked-back style or curly styles like wash-and-gos

Uses: Reducing frizz, enhancing shine

Active ingredients: Aloe Vera Powder, Acai Extract, Pequi Oil

Byrdie Clean? Yes

Price: $22

About the brand: Ceremonia is a Latinx-founded brand focusing on sustainability, natural ingredients, and community.

About my hair: Color treated with mixed curl patterns

I have a thick blend of type three and four curls that have been slightly damaged from bleach over the past few years. I typically love using gels because they help manage my volume and create definition that lasts. I like to focus on the back of my hair and roots when applying gel because those areas tend to be drier. I like to use gels for wash-and-gos to start my week, and then I transition to ponytails or buns towards the end of the week. 

The Feel: Lightweight feel and thin consistency.

The Pequi Styling Gel is very thin, watery, and smooth. It's one of the lightest gels I've ever used, and it worried me since I didn't know if it would coat my curls thoroughly. I am used to thicker products requiring little reapplication, but I needed a few coats of this to distribute evenly from root to tip. Once I applied the gel throughout my hair, it wasn't flaky and didn't leave behind flakes or residue when my curls dried.

The Results: Fluffy, defined coils.

It didn't take long for my hair to air dry with the gel, which was great since heavier formulas often take longer to dry. Right away, my curls were defined and shiny without crunching. My hair felt light, fluffy, and soft, which was great, but it made me question if I applied enough product to my hair. The definition lasted less time than I was used to, and I had to reapply the gel throughout the week. 

byrdie contributor desiree johnson

Desiree Johnson

The Value: Worth it depending on your styling goals.

The average gel costs between $5- $35, so this runs on the more expensive side. You get 6.7 ounces in the tube, which is decent if you use the product for ponytails, buns, or touch-ups versus weekly wash-and-gos or twisted hairstyles. For the price, you get a versatile product with clean ingredients, which is well worth it, but you'll probably want to look into a heavier formula or larger jar if you're in the market for a product to style thicker strands or for wash-and-go styling. 

Similar products: You've got options

Adwoa Beauty Baomint Curl Defining Gel ($32): This formula features ingredients like prickly pear, sweet almond, and pumpkin seed extracts. It's a cream-based gel that focuses on elongation and hydration and is formulated for medium to thick hair textures.

Maui Moisture Frizz-Free + Shea Butter Elongating Gel ($10): This formula is similar to Ceremonia's but with a stronger hold, making it perfect for wash-and-go styling. It's also cheaper, so it's ideal for restocking if you quickly run through the product.

Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Quinoa Frizz Control ($24): This formula has rice amino acids and quinoa extract to strengthen your curls while defining simultaneously.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Pequi Styling Gel is great for styling wavy curls, buns, or ponytails, but there are better fits for the look I was going for. Still, it's a great option for lightweight control that won't flake.


  • Product Name Pequi Styling Gel
  • Product Brand Ceremonia
  • Price $22.00

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