Ceremonia's Guava Beach Waves Spray Is Basically Summer Vacation in a Bottle

Summer hair is here.

Ceremonia beachy waves salt spray

Sofia Perazzo

Ceremonia is one of the few beauty brands that truly does it all. Its clean formulas work overtime (the company’s hydrating conditioner is so good it won a 2022 Byrdie eco award) and are housed in chic and sustainable packaging made from 30% to 100% PCR material. Most importantly, the Ceremonia ethos has been inclusive, authentic, and true to brand founder Babba C. Rivera's vision from the outset.

Founded in 2020, the brand is a love letter to her community “born out of the desire to celebrate the richness of Latin culture, while highlighting the next generation of Latinx." That connection is apparent in every detail, from the meticulously formulated products to its spotlight on Latinx ingredients and tradition.

Next up for the Ceremonia: the second iteration of its #GuavaSummer celebration and the launch of a new Guava Beach Wave Salt Texture Spray ($18). With summer, seaside vacations, and plenty of humidity just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better. Read on to learn more about the inspiration, formula, and my honest review.

Ceremonia Guava Summer campaign

Sofia Perazzo

The Inspiration

The brand's #GuavaSummer program shines a lot on the line’s hero ingredient (guava, of course) and celebrates the culture, food, and people of Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. This is more than your average beauty campaign, however. Shot on-site, Ceremonia’s Guava Boletín guides readers through a tour of the neighborhood, sharing cultural mainstays (like the famous El Nuevo Siglo Supermarket, Los Pinareños Fruteria, and Cafe La Trova to name a few) with newcomers and fans alike.

And what better to pair with that spirit of celebration and joy than a spray that instantly delivers the salt-kissed hair look that comes from spending a day by the ocean?

Ceremonia Guava Summer Campaign

The Product

Think of the Guava Beach Waves Spray as your ultimate summer beach day in a bottle. It smells like a glorious vacation (the scent of ripe guava and Ceremonia's signature Tonka fragrance to be exact) and contains superfruit guava-derived antioxidants that help protect your hair from the UV rays you'll inevitably catch while enjoying sun and sand.

Plus, the formula is more salt-kissed than salt-sprayed. “Guava Beach Waves gives hair a tousled, texturized look," says Rivera. However, unlike many products that promise beachy waves, Ceremonia's formula offers the perfect amount of texture. The secret is Pink Bolivian Salt, which, unlike Sea Salt, leaves hair touchable and soft. "Waves are instantly enhanced, never crunchy or sticky," explains Rivera.


How to Use It

As Rivera tells me, the formula is "packed with hair nutrition," making this product fairly versatile. You can apply it to either damp or dry hair (ideal for any lazy air-dry devotee) and style it with your fingers. Start with spraying Guava Beach Waves to the middle section of your strands and work your way down to the ends, and you'll be left with texturized hair that's still soft to the touch. If you're going for a mermaid look, leave it as is, but it's worth noting that this texturizer lays a great base for a cool, messy pony or effortless updo.

Ceremonia Beach wave texture spray review

Madeline Hirsch

My Review

I love a beachy wave, but I'm more of a literal "swim in the ocean and air dry" than "recreate with a hot tool" kind of girl. As such, hair sprays and serums are my besties when it comes to nailing the perfectly messy look when I've spent the day languishing in air conditioning rather than frolicking beachside. So, I was beyond excited to try out the latest from Ceremonia.

As promised, this spray instantly brought out the natural wave in my hair. But, what makes this formula unique (for me, anyway) is the delicious scent and soft texture. The Pink Bolivian Salt left my hair more silky and soft than I'm used to from a texturizer (a major plus) and the natural Guava fragrance lingered through the day without being overpowering (something I'm hyper-sensitive to).

Plus, this product comes at the perfect moment. With the golden days of summer stretching before me, I imagine I'll be reaching for this spray on days I'm far from the ocean but want to capture the sun-soaked feeling of a day spent at the beach.

Ceremonia Guava Beach Waves
Ceremonia Guava Beach Waves $18.00

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