These 15 Images of Real Women's Thighs Prove That Cellulite Is Beautiful

Over 90% of women have it, yet the American media, fashion industry, and culture at large prevent us from accepting it: cellulite. Even as we begin to see more and more curvier models in the press, we never see any signs of the divets and dimples that result when fat deposits peek through the fibrous tissue under our skin. What's particularly frustrating about our society's inexplicable allergy to women with cellulite is that women's bodies are basically designed to have it. On the whole, women's higher levels of estrogen cause our fat cells to be positioned in our bodies such that fat, even if we don't have a lot of it, can appear unevenly, particularly around the thighs and backside. "Men's connective tissue is more interwoven than women's," New Jersey dermatologist Margarita Lolis, MD, told "Imagine men's connective tissue like mesh on a screen door—it's harder for fat to get through—while women's connective tissue isn't as tightly formed, leaving more spaces for the fat to bulge through." Not a whole lot we can do about that.

Speaking of things that are out of our control, while cellulite is loosely related to weight, women of all different sizes have it—and as you age, it's even more likely to show up. There's no quick fix for it (not even surgery); in fact, there's not even anything long-term that will cure cellulite 100%. "Exercise will not get rid of cellulite, because aging will happen no matter what," Crunch Fitness trainer Sandy Liang told Shape. "I myself have cellulite, along with many fitness trainers and models I've come across."

And yet, it's hard not to feel self-conscious about the cellulite you're 90% likely to have, especially during the summertime when airbrushed bikini photos pervade our Instagram feeds and general media consumption. So in an effort to make this incredibly common and objectively non-scary thing called cellulite more visible, we took to Instagram to round up a few beautiful images of real women rocking their dimples with pride. Keep scrolling to find 15 photos proving that cellulite is not only normal, but it's also fire.