Can This Tutorial Help Cure Me of My Irrational Fear of Liquid Liner?

This month here at Byrdie UK we're focussing on the idea of being reborn, using the start of spring as a catalyst to reconsider our beauty identity—who we want to be and how we want to behave within the beauty space. We're all well aware of the transformative powers of makeup, so why is it that so many of us find ourselves applying the same makeup look day in and day out, especially when there's so much joy to be found in adventuring beyond the bounds of our beauty comfort zones? That's why we're putting our money where our mouth is, challenging ourselves to try out a makeup tutorial a far cry from our individual style to see if pushing the boundaries can teach us anything about our own beauty identity. For this week's #ByrdieTriesIt, deputy editor Shannon battles it out with her archnemesis, liquid eyeliner.

I knew exactly where to find a look to trial for this experiment from the get-go—Celine Bernaerts, one of my favourite makeup artists to ever grace Instagram. I've been following her for a while now, marveling her incredible makeup wizardry from afar but never quite plucking up enough courage to try my hand at one of her creations myself. Sure, I gave yellow eye shadow a go, but Bernaerts is far more adventurous than a swipe of sunny colour over the eyelids.

In fact, she's mastered the one makeup item that manages to fill me with dread, whenever anyone suggests I try it: liquid liner. I've just never quite grasped the knack of it, plus I find a graphic feline flick looks way too severe around my eyes, considering they're more used to clouds of softly diffused colour.

But if Celine can make liquid liner work, so can I, right? Well, I'm sure as hell going to give her pink double-lined eye look my best shot.

Armed with plenty of tools, I set about re-creating Celine's striking look. Below, you can see the finished result.

Celine Bernaerts makeup tutorial: Shannon Peter with liquid liner
Shannon Peter

Don't worry—I'm under no illusions that I've nailed the look. Like I've long known, liquid liner is hard (although our eyeliner tips can help), and mine looks far messier than her slick swipes. Every time I looked back at my liner, I'd notice a descrepency—one side would be slightly longer, the other side fatter—and so I would add to each to compensate, ending up with two black lines as thick as shoelaces. And could I get the liner as snug to my lower lash line as Bernaerts? Could I heck! It was even hard getting the super-soft finish to the pink eye shadow.

Here are the products I used.

Celine Bernaerts makeup tutorial: MAC Satin Small Eyeshadow in Sushi Flower
MAC Satin Small Eyeshadow in Sushi Flower $14
Celine Bernaerts makeup tutorial: Lord & Berry Perfecto Long Lasting Waterproof Felt Tip Liner
Lord & Berry Perfecto Long Lasting Waterproof Felt Tip Liner $15
Celine Bernaerts makeup tutorial: Nars Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush #49
Nars Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush #49 $31
Celine Bernaerts makeup tutorial: ASOS Design Makeup Mascara in Bossy
ASOS Design Makeup Mascara in Bossy $8

As for the overall finish, I don't think the heavy black lines looked quite as harsh as I expected. Yes, it got me a few odd looks in the queue in Pret, but it's not making a makeup statement I'm afraid of. I love makeup, but I'm all about shortcuts and easy-to-apply products that reduce my time in the morning—not intricate designs that take longer than I spend in the shower.

Will I try the look again? Of course. I will nail liquid liner whether it takes me 10 years or not, but let me experiment with a few of Bernaerts's other looks first.

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