How a Celebrity Yoga Instructor Keeps Her Skin in Shape

To kick off the New Year, we’re running a series showcasing the skincare products top health and beauty experts are buying at Sephora. Each week, we’re sending one of our favorite gurus to their local store to document their entire shopping spree on Byrdie’s Snapchat. Make sure to tune in each Saturday to follow along, and check back here weekly to see (and shop!) the items that made it into their Sephora carts. Enjoy!

Is it weird to wonder what other people spend their money on at Sephora? We hope not, because it’s a subject we often have on our minds, and we’re particularly interested in what ends up in the shopping baskets of our fellow health and fitness aficionados. Why, you ask? We’ve found that these women take just as much pleasure from keeping their skin in shape as they do their bodies, and they’ve got the complexions to prove it.

Case in point: wellness guru Danielle Cuccio. We recently had the chance to chat with the celebrity yoga instructor and were surprised when she told us about her battle with having combination to dry skin, given her clear, envy-inducing glow. Eager to learn about the products she usually gravitates toward, we followed her lead into a Beverly Hills Sephora to get the inside scoop.

Missed last week’s Snapchat story or simply want to step up your skincare game? Keep scrolling to hear all about Cuccio’s Sephora excursion and see the items that made it into her shopping cart.