This Is How Jessica Alba Gets Rid of Dark Circles

celebrity eye masks

There's something about putting on a face mask that makes you want to take a selfie. Perhaps it's because we want to show our followers that we have a spare thirty minutes to devote to pampering ourselves. But really, it's probably just that face masks make for great #content. They're real-life Snapchat filters that cover our imperfections while improving our skin. And, quite honestly, they're just fun.

Celebrities have introduced us to a new wave of masks over the past few years: under-eye masks. Equally Instagrammable as their full-face counterparts, these small, contoured masks sit right under the eyes and help banish dark circles and puffiness by delivering potent ingredients like collagen directly to the skin. Under-eye masks have quickly become a must-have for many celebrities as a preparatory step in their routines during awards season, evidenced by the multitude of photos stars have posted to social media.

Since no one should have to deal with those telltale signs of sleep deprivation and aging on their own, we've put together a list of the best eye masks money can buy, according to celebrities. Keep scrolling to find out which under-eye masks made the cut!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks $76.00

Not only are these Elemis eye masks a favorite here at Byrdie HQ, but they're also a must-have for celebs like Alicia Vikander, Cara Delevingne, and Jourdan Dunn. The brand tells Byrdie that Vikander's makeup artist, Kelly Cornwell used the masks to hydrate the actress's skin and take away puffiness before the 2016 Oscars.

Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask $195.00

If you're looking for the ultimate selfie-worthy eye mask, look no further than Chantecaille's gold eye masks. A seaweed-based formula promises to boost collagen production in order to blur fine lines and subdue puffiness. Kate Hudson uses them to prep for awards season and given that she's barely aged since the early '00s, we're tempted to take her word for it.

Lonvitalite eye mask
Lonvitalite 24k Gold & Collagen Eye Masks $22.00

For a more affordable (but just as effective) option, try Lonvitalite masks formulated with 24-carat gold. These gilded patches look and feel completely indulgent and luxurious. Even Jessica Alba knows that they make for great content; she often posts images of herself wearing them.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels $32.00

Another relatively affordable option are gels from Skyn Iceland, which are a favorite of countless celebrities and models. These masks are cooling due to their unique hydrapeptide technology, which makes them great for tired or puffy eyes.

Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Masks $39.00

The name might sound weird, but celebs like Ellie Goulding swear by these Dragon's Blood masks featuring arnica extract to reduce puffiness and instantly brighten the delicate under-eye area. We don't care what a product is called if it will make us look like we aren't completely sleep-deprived!

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask $70.00

If Kim Kardashian West says that a product is good, we're tempted to believe her. On her blog, she cited these Shiseido masks as favorites for helping cut down on dark circles.

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