This Is How Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba Get Rid of Dark Circles ASAP

There's something about putting on a face mask that makes you want to take a selfie. Perhaps it's because in our ridiculously busy lives, we want to show off to our followers that we have a spare thirty minutes to devote to pampering ourselves. But really, it's probably just that face masks make for great #content. They're real-life Snapchat filters that cover our imperfections while improving them, and, quite honestly, they're just fun.

When it comes to celebrities, however, they've introduced us to a new wave of masks over the past few years: under-eye masks. Equally Instagrammable and just as fun as their full-face counterparts, these small contoured masks sit right under your eyes to banish dark circles and puffiness by delivering potent ingredients like collagen. They've quickly become a must-have for many celebrities as a preparatory step in their routines during award season, as evidenced by the multitude of photos they've posted to social media donning the comma-shaped products. Since no one should have to deal with those telltale signs of sleep deprivation and aging, we've put together a list of the best eye masks money can buy according to celebrities. Keep scrolling to find out which under-eye masks made the cut!