The Smoothie Ingredients Kourtney, Gwyneth, and More Swear By



Smoothies are such an easy way to get a ton of nutrients all at once. Let's face it—kale on its own isn't exactly the most delicious food (we'd rather have a slice of cake, please), but blend it up in a smoothie with some berries and a little almond butter, and it's fully tolerable. Not to mention the fact that you can throw in a bunch of different powders and supplemental nutrients that may otherwise be tough to get into your system individually (at the advice of your doc, of course).

While searching for smoothie inspo on food blogs, Pinterest, etc., we couldn't help but notice how many celebs have shared their own tried-and-true nutritional beverages with the masses. These recipes include good-for-you ingredients that help improve the look of your skin and hair and help aid in digestion and weight management, among many other body benefits. A lot of the ingredients are also things we might not have thought to put in smoothies ourselves. So to upgrade your own daily smoothie, check out the celeb-approved add-ins below.

What do you like to put in your smoothies? Please share with us below!