The First Realistic Barbie, ScarJo’s Holiday Beauty Rules, and More News!

No lob for Elle Fanning. The actress went drastically shorter (and redder)! [PopSugar]

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cleansing oils, right this way. (Seriously, your skin will thank you.) [Huffington Post]

Press-on nail art that isn’t cheesy? It exists. [xoVain]

‘Normal’ Barbie comes with stretch marks, cellulite, and more. Here’s what she looks like. [PopSugar]

Finally, you can justify buying that lavish hair dryer, because there are 11 ways to use it that don’t involve your hair. [SHEfinds]

In a slump? Here’s how to majorly step up your workday beauty game (while still looking professional, of course). []

Scarlett Johansson shares her five best beauty tricks for this holiday season. [Vogue]

Bring out the beanies! Here’s the new generation of hat hair saviors. [The Zoe Report]

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