35 Celebrities' Natural Hair Colors, Revealed

As the saying goes, with great hair color comes great responsibility. With one key change, a budding actress, singer, or model can catapult into stardom. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Perhaps it's the fact that a new season is upon us, but we've had hair color on our mind recently. Should we opt for something new? Update our natural hair color? Channel the likes of Karlie, Sofía, or Jennifer? This year, the world is our oyster where hair color is concerned, and we thought it fitting to take a quick peek into the past and recall the natural hair colors of some of our favorite celebrities. Warning: Images may be shocking. Keep scrolling to see 10 celebs who changed their hair color and gave us a major case of hair envy to boot.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss butter blonde
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Now: Butter Blonde

With her flawless skin and ultra-bold brows, the model's current bright shade flatters unconditionally.

Karlie Kloss natural hair color
Getty Images

Natural: Chestnut Brown

We always think of the model's hair color in some iteration of blonde, but the old photos don't lie. Naturally, Kloss has a pretty shade of light chestnut.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman blonde hair
Getty Images

Now: Golden Blonde

After years of seeing the actress walk the red carpets as an elegant blonde, we've come to think of it as her natural hair color.

Nicole Kidman natural hair color
Getty Images

Natural: Red

But behold: She's actually a redhead! We love her now-lightened tresses but also think her strawberry blonde locks complement her fair skin and light blue eyes flawlessly.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore dark brown hair
Getty Images

Now: Dark Chocolate Brown

It's perhaps not surprising that Garnier's ambassador, Mandy Moore, has flirted with a wide variety of colors over the years. She's been famous for a long time. And though she's been brunette (in some form of the shade) for a while now…

Mandy Moore natural hair color
Getty Images

Natural: Dirty Blonde

She's actually described herself as a dirty blonde! To learn more about her relationship with her hair (there are some deep roots there, friends), read our exclusive interview with the actress.

Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig blonde hair
Getty Images

Now: Flaxen Blonde

Kristen Wiig may be known for acting chops and comedic tendencies, but we also bow down to the actress for the chameleon-like way she frequently updates her cut and color. 

Kristen Wiig natural hair color
Getty Images

Natural: Espresso Brown

Even though she's transitioned from brunette to blonde to red and back again, her natural color is a rich shade of brown. (And it really makes her blue eyes pop, no?)

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba
Dominik Bindl / Contributor / Getty

Now: Cinnamon Brown

Jessica Alba has gone super-blonde (remember Fantastic Four?) in addition dying her hair dark brown, and for a few years, she settled into a shade of dark blonde, or bronde, to highlight her olive skin tone. These days, she's too busy being a parent and company founder for a shade that's so high-upkeep, so she keeps it casual at a cinnamon brown.

Jessica Alba natural hair color
Getty Images

Natural: Dark Chocolate Brown

However, naturally, she falls on the deeper side of the brunette spectrum without a hint of blonde or red in sight!

Sofía Vergara

Sofia Vergara brunette
Michael Tran /Stringer/Getty

Now: Mocha Brown

Ever since falling love with her vivacious character, Gloria, on Modern Family, we'd always assumed Vergara was a natural brunette. After all, the color suits her gorgeously.

Sofia Vergara natural hair color
Getty Images

Natural: Sandy Blonde

But did you know the Colombian actress is actually—drumroll, please—blonde? (We're still reeling, by the way.)

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

Now: Golden Blonde

Fact: In hair years, Emma Roberts is about twice the sum of her actual age. And though she's debuted countless new colors in the recent years courtesy of her go-to colorist, Riawna Capri, we're super mesmerized with her current glimmering shade of blonde.

Emma Roberts hair color
Getty Images

Natural: Dirty Blonde

However, rewind roughly 20 years and you'll see that though still blonde, the actress's natural hair color is actually much darker than anticipated.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston bronde
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Now: Bronde

Jennifer Aniston is known for two great hair trends: "The Rachel"—a fiendish '90s hair craze inspired by her beloved character on Friends—and bronde: the perfect, sun-kissed marriage of blonde and brown pigments.

Jennifer Aniston natural hair color
Getty Images

Natural: Espresso Brown

If she'd never died her hair, however, we'd see her rocking a striking shade of espresso. Who knew?

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes copper hair
Getty Images

Now: Copper Brown

We can't recall a time when the actress was ever not her signature bombshell shade of golden caramel brown.

Eva Mendes natural hair color
Getty Images

Natural: Dark Chocolate Brown

However, her occasional (au naturel) brunette shade is much darker than the now lightened strands we associate her with. 

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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