From Kaia to Kendall: The Best Advice 12 Celebs Learned From Their Moms

Updated 04/19/19

Happy Mother's Day! Here at Byrdie HQ, we know we have our mothers to thanks for quite a bit. Be it giving us our bone structure or guiding our first introduction to the beauty scene, our moms are responsible for quite a bit. And while they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, it isn't just good genes that are passed down from one generation to the next—it's good beauty advice.

In celebration of moms everywhere, we've rounded up the best beauty tips our favorite It girls have their mothers to thank for. From skincare secrets to bedtime rituals to confidence-boosting mantras we can all get behind, our favorite celebrity daughters spill the best beauty advice they got from their moms. Head below to see what the moms of your favorite It girls have to say about beauty.

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Kaia Gerber

Rising model Kaia Gerber has had a wealth of beauty knowledge bestowed upon her by her supermodel mom. "She's taught me that less is more. She's very simple herself," Gerber told Byrdie of her mother, Cindy Crawford. "She doesn't need much time to get ready and is very go with the flow." The mother-daughter duo's effortless simplicity goes beyond makeup. "With skincare too—she's taught me that the more you do sometimes makes your skin angrier, so it's about just about keeping things really simple."

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Kendall Jenner

When Kendall Jenner told us her best beauty secrets, one of her major rules was "never touch your face." The words of wisdom come from mom Kris Jenner as well as her three older sisters. "My sisters and my mom always told me … to never touch your face, because your hands are dirty," the model tells InStyle.

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Ashley Graham

When Graham was having a hard time with body image after moving to New York to model, what her mother used to tell her growing up helped her to feel comfortable again in her own skin. "I started telling myself all the things my mother had told me—'You're bold, you're brilliant, you're beautiful'—and I gained my confidence back," she tells HelloGiggles.

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Gigi Hadid

Though Gigi Hadid never fails to glam it up on the red carpet, when it comes to her beauty routine, the model follows mom Yolanda Foster's beauty advice "that less is more, and to only use products out of necessity," she tells InStyle. "My mom hardly wore makeup, and I certainly didn't have any of my own," says Hadid. "It was fun to learn about it later in life."

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Jessica Alba

The founder of her own cosmetics line, Honest Beauty, got plenty of beauty advice from her mother growing up. "She still tells this to me: don't wipe my face too hard or wipe my eyes too hard when I'm cleansing my face or when I put lotion on," Alba described to People. While recounting a few more tips to InStyle, Alba listed, "Wash my face every night. Have a good skincare regimen. I think that's probably the number one good tip. Oh, and alway wear sunscreen."

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Hannah Bronfman

The DJ and fitness guru behind HBFit says that her healthy approach to taking care of her body began with a lesson from her mom. "My mom taught me that my body is a temple; what you put into it is just as important as what you put on it," says Bronfman. "That, and a bright lip goes a long way!"

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Lily Aldridge

To keep her looks camera-ready, Lily Aldridge sticks to a bedtime beauty routine her mother instilled in her. "Always wash makeup off at night before bed with a gentle cleanser," the model tells Fashionista. "And moisturize!"

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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad received some motherly beauty advice we all wish we had gotten in our younger years. "My mother taught me how to maintain my eyebrows," she tells us. "I've always had fuller brows, so this came in handy when I was younger. I still only go in for professional touch-ups a couple times a year."

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Ciara learned the power of a red lip from her mother. "My mom does not wear a lot of makeup, but I will tell you this: she always had a red lip when I was growing up. And now that I'm older, I love me a red lip too. And I think a red lip is sexy," the singer admits to InStyle. "Throw a little red on, and it fixes everything. I think every woman can say that."

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Doutzen Kroes

"Always eat healthy!" Doutzen Kroes spills to Fashionista about the beauty advice her mother gave her. "Beautiful skin comes from within, and you can work out and have lots of facials but if you eat badly neither of those will matter."

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Chanel Iman

The beauty advice this Victoria's Secret model received from her mother was plain and simple. "The only advice my mom gave me was to never pluck my eyebrows," Iman tells InStyle. "And I never did it."

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Georgia May Jagger

The models tells Fashionista that red lipstick and full hair are the iconic beauty looks she can thank her mom for. "Me and my sister love red lipstick. That's something that [my mom] passed on to us," says Jagger. "I guess full hair—we all love having long hair. [She uses] avocado oil and olive oil on her hair—that's quite a good one."

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