What Celebrities Are Wearing Instead of Foundation

Whether they intend to or not, celebrities play a huge role in determining the beauty trends that the rest of us come to follow. A model reveals that her go-to lip color is bright orange, and a month later, everyone has a bright orange lipstick in their bag. An actress says she swears by daily exfoliation to keep her skin looking young, and face scrub sales skyrocket. A star is seen wearing army pants and flip flops, so we buy army pants and flip-flops. You get the idea. 

One of the most surprising and widespread trends we've seen of late is that celebrities are going without foundation. Sure, they still go full-coverage for red carpet events. But off-duty, more and more celebrities are renouncing foundation in favor of sheer, dewy products, like BB creams, skin tints, and strategically placed concealers. When applied correctly, these products prove that you don't need foundation for glowy, youthful skin. Keep scrolling to discover seven foundation alternatives that Gwyneth Paltrow, Alessandra Ambrosio, and more swear by!