The Best Makeup for Dark Skin Tones, According to Our Favorite Celebrities

Throughout their experiences with film sets and red carpets, celebrities are exposed to a lot of makeup products (those lucky ducks)—but they're not all good. And when you're dealing with a task as specific as matching foundation, choosing a flattering lip color, or finding a contour and highlight that show up nicely on dark skin tones, sadly, not all products do the trick. There are still alarmingly few makeup lines that properly take the wide spectrum of skin tones into consideration, so it can be difficult and frustrating for consumers of color to find amazing makeup.

Luckily, celebrities also do interviews about their beauty routines, in which they often reveal their makeup favorites—and because their profession requires them to try the good, the bad, and the downright shameful, you know that when they really love a product, it can be trusted. We went back to some of our favorite beauty interviews with celebs with dark skin tones (both on Byrdie and elsewhere around the web) to compile this list of the makeup faves they've mentioned. Keep scrolling to discover the best foundation, highlighter, primer, and more for dark skin, according to nine celebs.