7 Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Their Favorite 10-Second Tips



Any time we come across a quick makeup trick, it’s gold in our books. Especially if said trick makes a world of a difference, we employ it daily. We pick these up anywhere from our own trial and error to a friend’s suggestion to unexpected places like Reddit. But quite possibly our favorite place to learn about fast (and effective) makeup tips is celebrity makeup artists: Learning how to execute an exact trick that’s used on Hollywood’s finest makes us feel like we’re (pseudo) celebrities ourselves.

So in our quest to grow our knowledge base of these celeb tips, we asked some of the best in the industry how to amp up our makeup in 10 seconds or less. What they came back with were must-know ways to brighten your eyes, plump your lips, and so much more. Ahead, their responses, along with the products you’ll need to (quickly) give your beauty routine a tune-up.