A Celebrity Makeup Artist Shares His Top Drugstore Eyebrow Picks

A defined brow isn’t going anywhere, but do you have to splurge on a prestige product to fill-in your arches or keep them in place? We challenged celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey—he’s Katy Perry’s go-to artist and has worked with everyone from Naomi Watts to Kristen Stewart to Angelina Jolie—to test a table full of drugstore products to answer just that. Before we uncapped the first pencil, he gave us a few tips.

“In general, pencils are better for dry skin and powder’s better for oily skin, but it’s more important to focus on finding the right shade,” Bailey says. “The biggest mistake I see is people using a color that’s too warm for them.” Which means you’ll want to ignore the shade name: those suited for blondes are normally too orange-y, and those for brunettes are often too dark. “Pick a color that’s lighter than your brows and a little ashier than your hair,” Bailey says. “Brow products, especially powders, melt into your skin which makes the color warm up.”

And once you find the right hue? “Brush your brows down to fill in the top arch, then brush them up and fill in any gaps,” he says. Waxes don’t hold brows in place very well, but a good gel or hairspray will, he says. Keep scrolling to see Bailey's eyebrow picks, from the best eyebrow gel to the highlighter that will make your eyes look wide-awake.