10 Beauty Tips We Learned From Celebrities' Instagrams

Thank goodness for social media. Once upon a time, we had to rely on glossies and celebrity gossip to get our fix, but today we get daily, up-close-and-personal peeks into their lives, allowing our inner fangirl to run wild and free. Of all the different modes of social media, Instagram is by far one of our favorites for staying updating on Hollywood's finest. There's nothing like scrolling through our feed to be interrupted by Taylor Swift's enviable vacation or Khloé Kardashian's workout. It's like we're sharing that moment with them (along with their millions of other fans, of course). However, as beauty editors, we've got to say that our favorite type of pic to double tap is a snippet of a celeb's beauty routine. We love how real they get, all the way down to their face masks, waxing, and root touch-ups. Celebs—they're just like us! Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite celebrity beauty Instagrams and the tips they've taught us!

What's the best beauty tip you've seen a celebrity share? Please tell us below!

Opening Image: @oliviaculpo