15 Celebs Who Go All Out in the Halloween Makeup Department

Scary good.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Dressed Up for Halloween as Morticia and Gomez Addams
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Halloween is more than just a time to play dress up, it's a time to go big or go home—and for many, this includes a total transformation from head to toe.

Enlisting the help of the most talented makeup artists in the biz, celebs have a tendency to kick things up a notch each time October 31st comes around, and we are so here for it.

If you're looking or a little Haloween inspo for the upcoming holiday, here are some of our favorite looks from last year that went above and beyond in the makeup department. Happy haunting!

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Rita Ora as Post Malone

One of the most talked about celeb costumes of 2018, Rita Ora completely transformed herself into rapper Post Malone, facial hair, tattoos, and all.

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Cardi B as Cruella De Vil

Cardi B

Shareif Ziyadat / Getty Images

Cardi B went all out as the infamous villain, embracing her two-toned hair, red lips, and modern smokey eye.

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Ashley Greene as Robin Hood

This was the cutest Robin Hood we ever did see. Dressed like the classic character but with makeup applied to resemble the cartoon version, she looked as adorable as could be.

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Sophie Turner as Morticia Addams

Nailing the couples costume game with husband Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner traded her trademark blonde locks for a jet-black wig. For her makeup, sharp cheekbones, a blood-red lip, and an overtly pale complexion encapsulated the essence of Morticia Addams perfectly.

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Chanel Iman as a Mummy

Chanel Iman

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Who knew mummies could have model figures? As Chanel Iman proves, they definitely can. That pale grey lipstick you bury in your makeup drawer because it washes you out? Now is the time to bust it out. As far as the rest of the makeup goes, go for subtle gray tones on the complexion and eyes, and pull the whole look together with eye-catching colored contacts.

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Heidi Klum as Fiona from Shrek

Heidi Klum

Taylor Hill / Getty Images

It's no surprise that Heidi Klum fully committed to this role—she's known as the Queen of Halloween, after all. Each year she hosts a star-studded bash where fans and celebs alike wait to see what her highly anticipated costume will be, and in 2018, she brought her A game once again.

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Halle Berry as a Spider Witch

Halle Berry

Why be one character when you can be two? Halle Berry proves you can be a spider and a witch at the same time, embodying both sides of the classic costumes with smokey makeup and witch accessories. Color us impressed.

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Victoria Justice as an Ouija Board

The actress and singer used black and white makeup across her face and upper body to personify the classic Ouija board. Whether you believe in them or not, we can all agree this was a creative interpretation for sure.

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Halsey as Posion Ivy

Rocking the iconic fiery red, long locks and body paint well, everywhere, Halsey perfectly captured Poison Ivy in all her glory. The barely-there costume featured a bra and underwear made of greenery, with vines wrapped around each leg, and arm-length gloves to complete the look.

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Naomi Campbell as The Blonds

Naomi Campbell

Kevin Tachman / Getty Images

It's all about the smokey eye and dewy skin, which Naomi Campbell so effortlessly pulls off. Complete with a fitted bustier and oversized headpiece, there's no doubt Naomi had fans doing a double take.

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Kylie Jenner as Barbie

She's a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world (for Halloween, at least). Kylie Jenner embraced her inner Barbie with much more than just the classic blonde wig. Her candy-pink lips, matching eyeshadow, and bold brows had her looking like a real-life doll.

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Jenna Dewan as Halloween Fairy

Pink hair, glittery eyeshadow, wispy long lashes and a hot pink pout combined to transform Jenna Dewan into a pretty pixie.

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Gabrielle Union-Wade as Gwen Stefani

Rocking the red lip Gwen Stefani came to be known for, Gabrielle Union-Wade celebrated Halloween rockstar style, embracing Stefani's signature icy blonde pinup hair and rock-n-roll fashion, too.

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Ashanti as a Smurfette


Andrew Toth / Getty Images


The beauty of Ashanti's smurfette look is that you only need a smurf-hued body paint to get the job done done. That, and some false lashes, a brow, and glitter (because why not?).

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Kandi Burruss as It

Kandi Burruss

As if we'd expect anything less from Kandi Burruss, she has all the fixings for the hottest It ever.

Need more Halloween makeup inspiration? Let this be your guide.

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