The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes With Mind-Blowing Makeup

The best celebrity Halloween costumes earn their kudos due to a few factors. First, no clichés. A skimpy cat costume and haphazard whiskers don’t make the list. Second, the actual costume needs to show effort (though we realize not everyone can be Heidi Klum). And third, finally, we may be biased, but we firmly believe no costume is complete without a head-turning use of makeup and face paint. After all, whether you’re a Halloween fanatic or prefer to “trick-or-treat” from the comfort of your couch (i.e., eating candy corn while watching Hocus Pocus), anyone can appreciate the shock factor of seeing your favorite celebrity transform into a (very fierce-looking) corpse (hi, J.Lo). Ahead, you'll find the best celebrity Halloween costumes, all with mind-blowing makeup looks involved. From J.Lo to Heidi Klum, keep scrolling to see them all!