Inside the Crazy Life of a Celebrity Hairstylist

Updated 09/23/16

When we see celebrities, they’re already perfectly groomed, manicured, and styled. Their outfits are pressed, their makeup is set, and their hair is holding about a pound of hair spray. What we don’t see, however, are the superstars behind the scenes. We were educated in the art of celebrity makeup artistry, and now we’re digging a little deeper into the lives of celebrity hairstylists.

While the advent of social media has allowed A-listers to more visibly call out those who primp them prior to a red carpet appearance—just like Bella Hadid and Bumble and Bumble's incredible global artistic director Laurent Philippon above—we’re more interested in the juicy stories and secret beauty tricks we have yet to hear about. Below, four incredible hairstylists who are responsible for the hair of Kim Kardashian West, Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively, and Mila Kunis (just to name a few) detail some of the craziest situations they’ve been put in—and how they colored, pinned, and styled hair flawlessly regardless.

Keep reading for all the eye-widening details.

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