Celebrity Hairstylist Nikki Nelms Uses This $9 Household Item for Static-Free Hair

Nikki Nelms Just 5 Things

As a celebrity hairstylist and brand ambassador for Maui Moisture, Nikki Nelms routinely works with an all-star roster of notable goddesses including Yara Shahidi, Zoë Kravitz, and Janelle Monáe—I know, we're screaming too. She creates gorgeous, structural styles for the red carpet and, well, is cool as hell. So it's no surprise we asked her stop by Byrdie HQ and go through her list of product must-haves. We had no idea idea every single one of them would be available on Amazon (score) and at an affordable price point (double score). She even includes dryer sheets and wire clippers for perhaps the most creative hacks we've seen yet.

Watch the video in full to find out more, and keep scrolling for a look at each product (and where to buy it, should you so choose). Here's Nikki Nelms' Just Five Things.

Maui Moisture Oil Mist
Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture + Coconut Milk Weightless Oil Mist $7.00

"I really enjoy this at the end of a style. I like to do a nice once-over for a little added sheen, and it's perfect because it doesn't interrupt my style. It doesn't add weight to it and gives it the soft shape I need, without being too heavy. So, it's great for any texture."

dryer sheets
Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets $9.00

"Most people just use them for their laundry, but I like them for hair at times, when you have static in your hair, maybe a client is about to hit the red carpet and I just grab one of these little bad boys—rub, rub—and static be gone."

wire cutters
Surgical Online Hard Wire Cutter $11.00

"Another thing I keep in my kit is wire and wire cutters. I know it's two things but they go together. I like to add it into braids because I can create any shape, and create movement with braids. I used this on Yara for the CFDA Awards. She had the loops and twirls—it was very interesting. I loved it because I was able to create a shape in seconds without having to fight against the braids. It did exactly what I wanted it to do because of these two. You can get it from any arts and crafts store—I got this one from Michael's."

rat tail carbon comb
Salonchic Rat Tail Carbon Comb $7.00

"I love this one in particular because the teeth are super close together and it makes for a neater, smoother style. If I want to make a very sleek ponytail, it gets all the hairs together. I like to use it to go over the hair and do fine touches and smooth out any little flyaways that I don't want (sometimes I do like flyaways)."

pump it up gold
Bronner Brothers Pump It Up Spritz Gold $7.00

"Good old Pump it Up—if you know, you know. This is really good for a hold, I've been using it for years. The first time I used it for production was Kanye West's "Gold Digger" video. The girls' hair was flowing out to the side—Super Hold. It says it, believe it."

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