Celebrity Hairstylist Harry Josh Jumps Into the Hot Tools Game

A hairstylist ready to take his or her career to the next level, traditionally launches a collection of products. Harry Josh, who’s worked with everyone from Gisele to the Olsens, launched a blow dryer, the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 ($300). Why now? “There were really no professional dryers that offered all the settings and features that are needed,” he says. The almost dainty, mint-green gadget comes with a celebrity-like price tag, too. So we asked three people to weigh in: Josh himself, hairstylist Jen Atkin, and a not-at-all professional, Byrdie's editorial director Britt Aboutaleb.

Harry Josh
First things first, Josh attributes the green hue to Gwyneth Paltrow. “Picking a color was more daunting than I could have imagined! I wanted something that looked very chic, timeless, and fashionable,” he says. After polling friends and family, he says, “Gwyneth was really the final person to push me over the edge, she told me to stick with this green.”

Gwyenth's endorsement aside, we asked Josh how he’d answer someone who said, “$300?! Really?!” He answered: “This is a life-long investment and the most important tool in your arsenal. A good blow dryer is the foundation for great hair and this one’s the couture of blow dryers. It’s literally hand-made in France and blows air at 81 miles an hour, reducing drying time and heat damage. It’s eco-friendly, has a dual filtration system, a true cold hot button, an ionic setting option, and a motor life of over 2,000 hours! If you blow-dry your hair for 20 minutes every day, this blow dryer will last over 15 years!”

Not sold yet?

Britt Aboutaleb
"The first thing I noticed about Harry’s dryer is the weight—or almost lack thereof. It’s essentially travel-sized and doesn’t feel much heavier than the brush I hold in my other hand. Before I could notice anything else, my hair was dry. It’s that fast," Aboutaleb says. "Any hairstylist will tell you that speed matters because the less time your hair spends under the heat, the less damage it suffers. I spend a lot of time in the sun and liberally use both a flatiron and curling iron, so the more I can minimize damage the better. Within three days of using this tiny green miracle worker—honestly, within one day—my hair was shinier, with almost no frizz. It’s an investment, but costs a lot less than paying a professional to blow out your locks."

Jen Atkin
To cover all sides of the story, we checked in with a stylist who’s not associated with Josh, but has her own roster of famous faces (think Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, and Gwen Stefani). So what does Atkin think? “A high quality dryer’s important because it cuts down on the amount of time you have heat on your hair,” she says. “It can also cut back on the need for additional styling tools after blow drying in order to smooth out the hair.” Your locks are already smooth, she says, because of the ionic feature: “You can choose to turn it off and on, so sleek, smooth hair is just a switch away.”

The verdict? If you regularly dry and style your hair, the little green dryer's a worthy investment.