The Drugstore Products in Every Celebrity Hairstylist's Kit

Whether they're hitting the red carpet or snapping a no-makeup selfie, celebrities always look effortlessly good. Sure, good genes help, but the truth of the matter is they have access to the biggest names in the beauty business. And when it comes to hair, they call upon the top stylists from around the globe to coif those gorgeous manes. These hair gurus have the option to use any product they desire with no budget in mind, but many of them swear by drugstore staples many of us love. In fact, some celeb clients grow so attached to these wallet-friendly products that they've been known to take them home after a shoot. It's nice to know that these pro-tested and -approved basics can work wonders for the average woman on a budget, because we all want great hair, regardless of our celeb status (or lack thereof). Did we mention each one of these is under $20? Yep.

Keep scrolling to read about the drugstore picks these top celebrity hairstylists keep in their kit at all times.

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Opening Image: Taylor Hill/Getty Images