Celebrity Hairstyles Featuring Fringe Bangs

Updated 05/14/19
Hailey Baldwin/George Pimentel/Getty Images
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The Best Fringe Hairstyles

Hailey Baldwin
Getty: Anthony Harvey, Rahav Segev

Bangs are a great way to change your look in minutes, and there's no sexier bang hairstyle than fringe bangs. A good fringe bang hits right below the brow, has to be trimmed every few weeks and grows out nicely into side-swept bangs.

In this gallery, see fringe bangs featured on celebrities, including Hailey Baldwin, pictured here, Olivia Wilde and Bella Thorne.

Here, Hailey Baldwin has the perfect fringe for a ponytail. They frame her face when her hair is pulled back. Baldwin has thin hair that tends to fall flat, but it works gorgeously here.

The key to fringe is to have your stylist cut your bangs when they are dry. Hair shrinks when it's dry and what looks the perfect length wet will be too short when dry. Ask your stylist to cut bangs that hit you in the middle of the eyebrow. Fringe grows out nicely into side-swept bangs.

Again, the biggest downside is the upkeep, which is why you should learn how to trim your own bangs.

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Olivia Wilde's Fringe

Olivia Wilde
Alberto E. Rodriguez // Getty Images

Olivia Wilde shows off a gorgeous hairstyle here.

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Eva Padberg

Eva Padberg. Getty: Mathis Wienand & Target Presse Agentur

Another shot of fringe bangs paired with a ponytail.

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone as a blonde with bangs
Vera Anderson for Getty

This is just one of​ Emma Stone's many great hairstyles.

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Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum with bangs
FilmMagic for Getty

It's not often we see Heidi Klum rocking bangs, but here she is and they look great.

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Long Hair Paired with Bangs

Long hair with bangs
JP Yim for Getty Images

This look is taken from a runway show at a fashion week.

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Lea Michele's Fringe Bangs

Lea Michele
Frazer Harrison for Getty Images

According to Allure Magazine, Lea Michele's gorgeous fringe here was created by Mark Townsend, who cut these curved bangs shorter just above the brows and allowed them to arc down to show off Michele's gorgeous cheekbones.

You'll notice her fringe is thick but piece-y. To get this look, Townsend told Allure he starts her bangs 2 inches back from her forehead and snipped vertically into the ends.

"I cut layers from the chin down," he says.

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Thick Hair and Blunt Bangs

Bella Thorne
Jason Merritt // Getty Images

Blunt bangs can be gorgeous paired with long, red hair.

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Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly
Frederick M. Brown // Getty Images

Here's a short hairstyle with fringe.

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Aisha Taylor

Actress Aisha Tyler
Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Love this style on Aisha.

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Bangs with a Messy Updo

Jennifer Lopez
Kevin Winter // Getty Images

Look how the bangs frame Jennifer Lopez's face.

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Bangs with Long Hair

Claudia Schiffer. Stephen Lovekin // Getty Images

 Model Claudia Schiffer's long bangs look sultry.

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Kate Thornton: Bangs Look Great if You Wear Ponytails

Kate Thornton
Frantzesco Kangaris // Getty Images

Bangs coupled with ponytails are the ultimate girlish look.

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Kate Moss

Model Kate Moss
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for eBay

Kate Moss is forever a trendsetter, including with her bangs.

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Tyra Banks with Fringe Bangs

Tyra Banks
Astrid Stawiarz // Getty Images

Tyra Banks' mussy bangs create a sexy, casual look.

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Another Cool Haircut with Fringe-ish Bangs

Renee Felice Smith
Frazer Harrison // Getty Images

 These choppy bangs won't work on everyone.

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Halle Berry

Actress Halle Berry
Photo by Claire Greenway/Getty Images

 Halle Berry shows off great bangs in this flashback photo.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Note how the bangs cut here on Maggie Gyllenhaal are longer on the sides and shorter in the middle.

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A Great Look for Bangs: Longer on the Sides, Shorter in the Middle

Paula Abdul
Alberto E. Rodriguez // Getty Images

Consider having your stylist blend your bangs into your hairstyle as Paula Abdul's stylist did here. The middle of the bangs is shorter than the sides.

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A View of Paula Abdul's Hairstyle from the Side

Paula Abdul. Alberto E. Rodriguez // Getty Images

Here you can see how the sides of her bangs are longer than the middle. They also blend seamlessly into her shoulder-length hairstyle.

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Bangs with a Jagged Edge

Diablo Cody
Frederick M. Brown // Getty Images

Whoa, this asymmetrical look is edgy. This is "bangs as art," and it works.

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Bangs Paired With a Headband

Stacey Bendet. Andrew H. Walker // Getty

This is a cool shot of heavy, blunt bangs and long hair pulled high atop the head with a thin ballerina band.

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A Bob With Bangs

Chelsea Hobbs. Valerie Macon // Getty Images

Bangs add a modern edginess to the bob.

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Heavy Fringe

Rosanna Arquette. Francois Durand // Getty Images

 The color of Rosanna Arquette's hair makes her bangs pop.

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Looks Like a Wig, but it Isn't

Katy Perry. Theo Wargo // Getty Images

There's something vaguely Halloween about this look. There's a 'curtain effect' here.

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