7 Celebrities Who Got a Career-Boosting Haircut

Updated 01/27/18
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It’s amazing what a pair of scissors can do for your career—just ask these A-listers. Famous styles like Victoria Beckham's "pob" and Jennifer Aniston's "Rachel" are proof that going for the chop can help you go from zero to hero in the workplace. "The confidence you evoke after getting a brand new hair style sends the message that you take good care of yourself and that you will pay that kind of serious attention to your work,' explains Vivian Diller, PhD, psychologist and author of Face It. "It can suggest that you know what is current and stylish and that you’re willing to take risks."

But what is it about our hair that is so powerful? "It frames the face and is a key feature in first and last impressions," says Vivian. "A good hair day can start with an instant positive visual reaction to what we see in the mirror, which can impact our mood all day long." And don’t we all love a good hair day? Keep scrolling to refresh your memory on some of the most impactful cuts in the world of celebrity.

As soon as Victoria Beckham stepped out sporting her new bob in 2006, the pob (translation: posh bob) became one of the most sought-after cuts in salons all over the country. After years of long layers, it was the first time anyone had seen that "short at the back, long at the front" shape for a while, meaning that Victoria could finally be stripped of her "WAG" label and become an overnight style icon. Since then, we’ve witnessed her fashion career go from strength to strength. Spice Girls? What Spice Girls?

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In 2007, Katie had her long, girl-next-door locks snipped into a chic, sleek bob complete with side-swept fringe and an "I’ve got this" grin. Some speculated that her new look was inspired by gal pal Victoria Beckham’s pob, but whatever the thought process, gone were the days of baby-faced Joey Potter from down the creek—this girl meant business and her transformation instantly got everyone talking. Anything to forget Tom Cruise’s over-excited sofa-jumping appearance on Oprah that almost ruined her career two years previously.

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We couldn’t possibly leave this one out. As strange as it now seems that we all once obsessed over Jen’s Rachel (oh, hi layers!), it certainly did wonders for her career and made everyone bid a metaphoric goodbye to Rachel Green and hello to Jennifer Aniston. Her cut even landed her a huge hair campaign with L'Oréal Paris back in the nineties—need we say more? And while it must be frustrating to (almost) be known more for your hair than your acting skills, we think having a famous cut like Jen’s is a genius way to start off a multimillion dollar career.

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When Emma swapped her long, adolescent hair for a super-short androgynous crop in 2010, we all gasped as she headed down the red carpet. Whilst, of course, her career was flying high during her Harry Potter days, Emma’s new post-Potter cut finally unveiled her as a grown-up and allowed her to instantly shed her child-star image. She even told EW.com in 2010 that cutting her hair off was "liberating." Next she was gracing the cover of British Vogue, transforming into a style icon and starring in campaigns for Burberry and Lancôme.

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Before 2013 we only really recognised Anne Hathaway from her roles in our favourite rom-coms—The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars, to name a few. But when her role in Les Miserables required her long, luscious locks to be cut off during a scene, Anne’s commitment to the cause skyrocketed. She was left with a glossy pixie cut that luckily suited her, a sparkling Academy Award and a soaring career. Despite saying she cried "uncontrollably" when she looked in the mirror post-chop, she’s now one of Hollywood’s top actresses so… we’re guessing she’s over it.

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In 2012 Karlie shocked many Victoria’s Secret fans by saying goodbye to her flowing tresses and opting for a cute bob instead. But Karlie, who quite rightly protested that short hair can be sexy too, has managed to make even more of a name for herself since she went for the chop, landing numerous fashion and beauty campaigns, including Chanel Coco Noir, Jean Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton and L’Oreal Paris, starring in Taylor Swift’s "Bad Blood" music video and appearing on the cover of Vogue. Oh, how we love a girl on a hair mission!

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Let’s face it, this lady has almost never had a bad hair day, and who could forget those pouty lips and baby doll eyes from when she played Jen in Dawson’s Creek? But it wasn’t until Michelle Williams chopped her blonde waves into that pixie crop that we all saw her for the beauty she really is. If we had to pick one girl of our generation who totally owned a haircut, it would be Michelle and her pixie. Suddenly she became less American TV starlet, more Hollywood A-lister and rocked it for many years to come, apparently in memorial of the late Heath Ledger.

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