From Olivia to Kendall: 11 Genius Hair Tips We Learned From Celebrities

Ah, celebrities: the genetically blessed humans that we love to talk about most hours of the day… and love to stalk even more. But, in this case, it’s for a good cause. There is no one who comes into contact with more knowledgeable hair experts than the famous faces we watch walk down every red carpet—they’ve more than likely been in a salon chair more hours than we can count. 

So we took a look back at all the wonderful celebs we’ve chatted with and scanned through each interview for the best hair tricks each one has let slip. Our ears perked up, our fingers began typing, and now we have an entire list of productive tips to share.

From their bathrooms to yours, please enjoy (and take notes on) the greatest celebrity hair habits and products to go along with them.

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