The Real Reason Celebrities' Hair Always Looks so Good, According to Jen Atkin



When we see a celebrity on Instagram or the red carpet—poised, made-up, and perfect—it's easy to feel intimidated. Their hair is always so thick, so effortless, so not what our's looks like. But don't fret! Jen Atkin, girl boss and hairstylist to the stars, lets us in on a few celebrity secrets.

First of all, not all of Atkin's celebrity clients have naturally amazing hair—she just knows how to fake it. Atkin tells Total Beauty, "90% of the time, they're wearing extensions. [Extensions are] the best way to add fullness to the hair." And, yes, even stars with shorter hairstyles wear them."

Though, we hear you—extensions can be annoying and expensive. (I wore them for nine straight years.) To remedy a few of those concerns, Atkin created her own hair extension line. "Our Beauty Works Invisi-Clip-In Extensions ($364) work great because they're so easy to apply. The real remy hair snaps in in minutes for a completely seamless look," she explains.

Her least expensive trick? "I use a toothbrush for flyaways. While I'm usually about embracing the baby hairs, sometimes you want a very clean, precise look. A toothbrush is a great way to tame those tiny hairs," Atkin says.