Christian Wood Says MUAs Use This Hair Product For Their Eyebrows

It's also the #1 product in his kit.

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Christian Wood is a New York City-based hair stylist whose A-list clientele includes the ranks of Emily Ratajkowski, Sophie Turner, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (to name a few). He's known for elevating classic looks with modern updates⁠—adding striking details to simple textured or glossy hairstyles.

His clients have some of the most famous hair in Hollywood—that's why we 100 percent trust literally any product he recommends. Ahead, Wood shares his five desert island beauty products, including the Wella hair product that always gets stolen from him (by makeup artists) on set. Not for hair, but to use on clients' eyebrows. Questions? Watch below.

Wella EIMI hairspray
Wella EIMI Finishing Hairspray $18

"My number one product in my kit is this Wella Stay Firm hairspray. If I could only use one product for the rest of my career, it would hands down be hairspray. I think most people think of it just as a finishing product to hold the hair in place, but I use this when I'm blow drying hair on the root because a lot of root products or thickening products can be quite tacky in the hair. You spray a little bit of this in, you blow dry, and you can use it to take away flyaways and add shine. It's a really versatile product. And when I'm on set, all makeup artists steal this from me because they like it for brows. My brows go downwards, so I like to give them a quick brush in the morning with this product and it lasts all day. I do it every morning so I feel like Joan Crawford." 

slip sleep pillow set
Slip Beauty Sleep To Go! Pink Travel Set $119

"The reason I love this is because most people don't take care of their hair when they go to bed. They spend hours doing their 12-step beauty routines, and then they'll just leave their hair (and then it's a bird's nest in the morning). Whereas when you sleep on a Slip Silk pillowcase, it creates a lot less drag on the hair. So basically, your hair won't be as knotted or messy in the morning. It prevents split ends, makes hair more manageable, keeps color lasting longer, and also takes about 70 percent less product residue from skin."

hims multivitamin
Hims Biotin Gummy Vitamins $16

"It's basically a range of products designed to stop hair loss and keep hair, skin, and nails in working order. These are biotin and you take two of them in a day—honestly they taste like candy. I usually like to take about four (when I'm cheating). They taste so yummy and it's just good to know that something from the inside is working. The problem with taking vitamins is that you take them for a month, you run out, and then it takes you another three weeks before you get them again. Whereas with [Hims], they send you a monthly refill in the post so you never run out. I think it's really important when you look after your hair, skin, or nails that you have consistency with what you're taking."

jennifer behr bobby pins
Jennifer Behr Aurelia Bobby Pins $182

"For a red carpet 'do I love these sparkly accessories. These ones are really special to me. They're these beautiful glittery stars and I used them on Katherine Langford for the Golden Globe Awards about two years ago. And it just looked so beautiful. It was such a simple hairdo and so easy to do, but it really gave a wow-factor and a punch to the overall look."

111 skin
111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask $115

"I use these every single day. The biggest problem for me personally is my under eyes—it's a hereditary thing that I'm self-conscious about. So they're just these two black little pads and you put them underneath your eyes and they actually work. That's half the problem with beauty products... you put them on, you take them off, and you don't see results. With these you see results."

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