The Unexpected Hair Trend You'll See on Every Celeb This Summer

Well, friends, it might be time to toss our texture sprays. For the past four or five years, loose, tousled waves have been summer’s go-to hair trend, both on red carpets and on our personal Pinterest boards. But this year, we’re witnessing a complete 180.

According to celebrity stylists Enzo Angileri and Michael Sparks of Malibu’s Cie Sparks Salon, sleek and straight is the Hollywood hair trend to watch this summer. “This is a chic, polished look that I personally feel was inspired by upcoming fashion designers and their over-the-top designs,” Sparks explains. Angileri agrees, adding that sleek, minimalistic hair has risen in popularity to complement the bolder fashion and makeup trends we’ve been seeing on red carpets.

So what makes 2016’s sleek look different from the stick-straight hair of the ’90s and early 2000s? “The new trend is more chic and less wet-looking,” explains Angileri. A softer, more polished finish keeps the look contemporary.

You heard it here first: It’s time to add a high-quality flatiron to your Sephora cart, and check out the best sleek celebrity hair inspo of 2016!